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In-Game Perks: Cure Box


The Cure Box is Just One of SATR's In-Game Perks

Imagine this: you and your clan must stave off a zombie horde. cure box badgeYour job is to survive the zombie onslaught.

The latest version of the patented digital laser tag technology from Battlefield Sports – SATR – now brings you in-game perks. And one of the perks is a "Cure Box”. SATR, which stands for "Small Arms Transmitter Receiver" enables gamers to play out live-action zombie games. SATR has two zombie modes: haunted and apocalypse.


Gamers can play a simple Zombie Domination game, a simple battle between zombies versus survivors. Games are played for a specific duration, say 10 minutes. Zombies shoot the Domination Box to control it. And Survivors shoot the Domination Box to counter-attack.
The team that holds the Domination Box for the most about of time, wins. Read more about how to play Zombie Domination Games, click here.


In Zombie mode, the Zombie's gaming gun makes a random Zombie sound effect approximately every 30 seconds unless disabled.

Zombie attacks have no muzzle flash and are also set indoor range and they don’t have a red dot, forcing Zombies to get in close.  zombie survival game

The Zombies do have the advantage that every second they automatically shoot with making any sound.

If the trigger is pulled, the Zombie gun will fire with a sound effect but no muzzle flash.

The simplest Zombie Game to play is "Survival".

Here Zombies get unlimited re-spawns and Survivors get no re-spawns.

The concept is to play several rounds of short games, say 5 minutes.

Survivors try and stay alive for the entire game!


For a more challenging scenario, game gamers can select the Apocalypse Mode. In this type of zombie game, you can use the perk "cure box".
The Battlefield Sports’ Cure Box is inspired by "infections" featured in many Zombies Games, such as Nazi-Zombies from Call of Duty.  
zombie kill zone game It adds thrill to a live-action scenario game.

This cures the infection of a survivor.  

Infections happen when a survivor is tagged by a Zombie and the Survivor is in Apocalypse mode.  
The more times a Survivor is hit, the faster the rate of infection.    
The "cure box" is designed to cure the infection on a survivor. Of course, if the survivor is hit again by a Zombie, they will be infected again.  
An infection generates a timer displayed on the Survivor’s gaming gun’s display, when this reaches 0, the Survivor dies and will turn into a Zombie.   
The number of cures can be specified by the Battlefield Operator at the start of the game.

zombie outbreak gameSome of the other games you can play using our zombie mode include "Zombie Kill Zone" and "Zombie Outbreak".


The Battlefield Sports’ Cure Box is usually a metal box with a sensor embedded in resin on its lid, together with several colored buttons, and a handle on its side. In order to activate the Cure Box, a gamer must be next to the box and press the green button.

The computer inside the Cure Box will automatically give the gamer a "cure".

This process takes a few seconds.  


Another cool feature is that a cure will also stun a Zombie.

As with all in-game perks, all changes made to the gamer’s gaming gun are temporary and are not retained between mission starts.

The Cure Box is just one of the new perks in Battlefield Sports’ SATR.