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How To Boost Business Growth Via Customer Feedback

How To Boost Your Business Growth Via Customer Feedback

Asking for customer feedback might be daunting. Don't stick your head in the sand because feedback, good or bad, can help a battlefield business improve and grow. 

Reliable feedback can fuel your business decisions. 

Better still customer reviews can provide more than feedback, it can also provide a way to attract more visitors to your website and generate a higher click-through rate. 

Of course, the good ol' suggestion box is pretty much out of the question especially for mobile laser tag businesses. 

So figuring out new ways to get customer feedback is a must. 

customer feedback

While it might be challenging to get feedback from those customers who simply inquired and never booked, it certainly is possible to ask for the opinions from those people who did. 

This could include happy customers and unhappy customers. Sending out a survey that is mobile friendly, has a crisp design, with clear wording that is not too many questions is vital.

To promote a good response-rate you might consider an incentive for your customers to complete the survey, such as a discount on a repeat booking. Being able to get, and act, on constructive criticism or glowing testimonials can help you grow your business. 

Happy customers have higher retention rates and higher lifetime values and more likely to share their positive experience with others. 

What Questions to Ask? 

Don't go overboard on the number of questions. Generally, 5 to 10 questions are common. In our own events business we ask between 8 to 10 questions. For our manufacturing side of the business we have asked as few as 2 questions and as many as 16 questions (for our annual in-depth Thanksgiving Survey). . 

When we send out a survey, our first question is:

  • "Can I get your Advice?"

Research by Robert Cialdini has shown that if you ask people for their advice, not only they'll give it to you, they will feel invested in your results & improvements. Whereas if you ask for their "feedback"  or "opinion" you are more likely to get a critic. Dr Cialdini in his new book Influence, New & Expanded: The Psychology of Persuasion says asking for an opinion invites a critical review whereas asking for advice invites a constructive viewpoint you will be able to use to improve your products and services. 

When we send out a survey, our second last question is:

  • What is your name and post code (zip code)?" or 
  • "Please let us know your name (first / last), your town, your state & your country"

And we always end by asking: 

  • "Is it okay to reprint your response?" 

For this question we have the options: 

  • Yes
  • Yes but anonymously
  • No. 

This is a valuable question, because even if the customer doesn't themselves post a review on Google or Facebook or TripAdvisor if you have their permission then you can re-post it. 

Net Promoter Score 

This is a valuable question, because even if the customer doesn't themselves post a review directly on Google or Facebook or TripAdvisor if you have their permission then you can re-post it.  

The other question we often ask in our customer satisfaction surveys is the "Net Promoter Score"

The NPS is used by many companies across many industries from banks to hair-dressers, so it is a good measure of customer happiness.  You can see in the image in the top right a snap shot of our NPS for our laser tag business. 

We use an online tool "GetFeedback" to send out the surveys and they summarize the results for us. 

The exact questions for the Net Promoter Score is: 

  • “How likely are you to recommend us to your family or friends? Customers can then give a score from 0-10, where 10 represents “extremely likely.” 
testimonial for laser skirmish

These responses categorize customers into three categories:

  1. Promoters – those who give a score of 9-10
  2. Passives – those who give a score of 7-8
  3. Detractors – those who give a score of 0-6.

You'll want a score of 9 or more! 

But even if your score is below your benchmark it is a good opportunity to find out why and see if you can improve your service. 

You Can’t Please all the People all of the Time  

"If you see a bad review it is not a bad thing. Don’t freak out. It is a chance to improve. It shows you are willing to address the issue and make amends so it actually can be a marketing asset," said Steve Pentaris Trustpilot.

If you do see a negative post on Yelp or Google or a social media channel like Facebook or Twitter it is good business practice to address the complaint. Try and get to the bottom of what and why that customer is not happy. In fact, it might also be useful to verify that they are a real customer. Unfortunately you, must like us, might have borne the brunt of negative feedback from people who have meant to complain about another venue (e.g. saying that the indoor area was smelly when we only run in the forest) and worse still have had competitors create bogus negative reviews.

If it is a bona-fide or genuine complaint then listen to the customers experience, acknowledge it, and apologize. See what you can do to rectify the situation. 

The customer is not necessarily always right but they always want to be heard.  On the flip-side, if you see a positive post it is a good idea to thank the customer for the review. Acknowledged that they have taken time and effort to give you the feedback. 

Get Known As A Goodie

If you get 150 or more verified reviews with a 3.5 star or higher in a year and you advertise via Google Adwords then you’ll become eligible for Google Seller Rating. It is a little widget, an automated extension, that showcases advertisers with high ratings. 

“A positive Google Seller Rating can increase your click through rate by 10- 15% and can also reduce your adword spend,” said Steve. 

Apart from using a tool like Trustpilot you can encourage your customers to submit a review directly to Google. 

Submitting a review directly to Google is easy. 

On Google Maps, your customers can write reviews for places they’ve visited. Or if they search for a business name e.g. "Battlefield Sports" then when the search engine results appear on the left your company's details are showing on the right column. Under the name is the rating out of 5 stars and the number of reviews so far. Click on the word "reviews" and a pop up will appear so your customers can select from 5 stars. They can also make a comment and add a photo. 

Bolster your business growth and build confidence in your brand by asking for customer reviews. 

And, if in the future you get a customer survey from us please make sure you send us your advice