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How One Guy Doubled his Business in a Year

Small Town Guy Doubles his Business in a Year

Christian Booker is from Evans Head a small town in New South Wales started his mobile laser tag business a little over a year ago.

Evans Head has a population of less than 3,000 people. But today Christian has doubled his business, doubled his arsenal size to cope with local demand.

How did he do it?

Christian booked into the local shows and fetes.

"It has been busy. We got into the show circuit. It was hard to get into but [at each event] we put out a lot of flyers. In one show we picked up 5 more jobs, all weekend private parties."


This is fantastic because by running an attraction at a local show or school fete you are giving a sample to your potential customers with a 5 minute game.

It whets their appetite.

"We had a lot of walk through customers. We didn't make so much money after I paid wages. But we got a lot of customers through the door. And gave out a lot of pamphlets. And we have a lot of phone calls which came in as a direct follow up. It has pretty much booked me out December and January," Said Christian.

So even after he has doubled his arsenal, he is still almost booked out for the next two months.

It is a "sweat-equity" promotional program. Little cash outlay but lots of hard graft.

Spawn-Bot - Automatic Respawn

Christian and his crew run Domination Games for his show circuit and he's just upgraded to SATR2 to get the spawn-bot (auto respawn feature).

"[The Spawn-Bot] is working well for the shows, and fetes as well. The gamers quickly run through the respawn zone and automatically get a respawn. So they don't have to press the button a thousand times a day. It makes it really easy. I have five workers and they love it. They think it is so much easier. Even doing the mission briefing, the gamers just get it."double your mobile laser tag business

The growing demand has meant that Christian's mobile laser tag business "Aim to Please" and grown great guns.

"We started out with just one kit, 24 gaming guns and accessories. Now we have 50 gaming guns so we can run two jobs simultaneously," he said.

"And now we are looking to expanding even more."

Christian bought an existing business.

"The old gaming guns were analog, so I searched around and found Battlefield Sports on the internet. Someone else has also told me about Battlefield Sports. I meet Peter Lander and the team and I haven't looked back. It has been really good actually,” he said.

“Now I have 26 Cobras and 24 Scorpions, 3 Master Controllers, 6 Medic Boxes / Domination Boxes and getting more and more demand," he said.

“I have double bookings every weekend. And a fair few triple bookings,” he said.

We wish Christian well for his next year of expansion.

To find out more about starting or expanding your own mobile laser tag business contact your local Battlefield Sports consultant.

Or to see Christian’s mobile laser tag business in action, visit his web site.