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How New SFX Enhance Game-Play in SATR3

New Features in SATR3 Software 

Issue SFX to Gamers To Enhance Game Play

How SATR3 SFX Enhance Game-Play 

As the operator you can issue a series of sound effects via your Master Controller.

Simply go to the "play phrases" menu and select which SFX to issue. Operators can select form things like "alpha team is victorious" or "draw".

These SFX are issues via the digital radio so every gamer can hear this through their gaming gun's speaker.

Alternatively Operators can even issue a special sound effect to each team. So one SFX will say "you are victorious" and send this to only Alpha Team units. Then Operators can send a SFX to the Bravo team "you are defeated".

The pre-recorded phrases help the gamers know what is going on. 

Results SFX

The Battlefield Operator can issue a sound effects letting the gamers know who has won. This can be sent to just one team's gaming guns or issues to the entire group of players. The results SFX are: 

  • You are victorious.
  • You have been defeated.
  • Alpha Team is victorious
  • Bravo Team is victorious
  • Charlie Team is victorious
  • Delta Team is victorious
  • Echo Team is victorious
  • Foxtrot Team is victorious
  • Golf Team is victorious
  • Draw.
master controller

In-Game phrases

There are also lots of in-game phrases to select, for instance: 

  • "Go! go! go!"
  • Good Job
  • Base Lost
  • Obj. Controlled
  • Alpha Secured
  • Bravo Secured
  • Charlie Secured
  • Delta Secured
  • Alpha Team in control
  • Bravo Team in control
  • Charlie Team in control
  • Delta Team in control
  • Echo Team in control
  • Foxtrot Team in control
  • Golf Team in control
  • Point one Captured
  • Point one fallen
  • Point two captured
  • Point two fallen
  • Point three captured
  • Point three fallen
  • Point four captured
  • Point four fallen
  • VIP is Dead
  • Z Reached
  • Charge
  • Dominating
  • Dominated
  • Alpha Lost
  • Bravo Lost
  • Charlie Lost
  • Delta Lost
  • Echo Lost
  • Foxtrot Lost
  • Golf Lost.

Post-Game Phrases

There are many post-game phrases to choose, for example: 

  • Change Ends
  • Drinks break
  • Return to base
  • Come to the briefing area.
  • Follow the commanding officer
  • All gamers, all teams, follow me.   
  • Move out!
  • Head to the middle of the battlefield.
  • Scroll through your statistics with your trigger.   
  • Mission stats are your stats from the last mission. Session stats are all your missions combined.   A slash W is the Assist to Wound ratio, K slash D is the kill to death ratio.   O is for objective.
  • Session over, return your equipment to the armory.
  • Return your hats and hired clothing to the dirty clothes bag.
  • Safety warning; stay where you are.
  • Emergency situation;  evacuate the area.
  • A Snake has been found, follow staff directions.  Do not touch or try to handle the snake.