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How Much Space Do You Need To Play Laser Tag

How Much Space Is Needed To Play Laser Tag?

There are two ways to answer the question "how much space is needed to play laser tag?" depending if you are planning on playing indoors or outdoors.

how much space to you need for laser tagIn determining the best answer to the question "how much space is needed" there are several criteria to consider.

When trying to work out how much space you need to laser tag first consider the number of gamers who want to play simultaneously.

Do you want a small group such as 5 on 5? Or do you want to cater for a large group such as 50 versus 50?

Second, consider how "dense" the terrain is (in order words how many things there are to hide behind). Are you planning to play in a small indoor arena? Or acres of open woodland?

Another consideration is your immediate drawing population. We consider your drawing population the number of people who live within a 30 minute drive from your location. (Or if you you are tourist desination the number of visitors you have in season.)

If it is a downtown high-profile location of a capital city then you'll want a bigger arsenal then if you operate in a small country town.

Space for Indoor Laser Tag

Consider how much Arena Space just for the battlefield playing area you will need.

It is common for indoor arenas to separate the armory/kit up area from the battlefield. When considering space requirements you'll also need to factor in space for the foyer, party rooms, rest rooms, offices and food and beverage will be additional to these figures.

Regarding the minimum area in which to play, we have squeezed into 30ft x 30ft area (that was inside a pavilion as part of a Comicon, where space was at a premium!).

In this small area we only had 10 players at a time. And we kept the games short, around 5 minutes in duration.

Recently we created a pop-up laser tag arena in a shopping mall. The indoor laser tag maze was 40ft (12m) by 50Ft (15m). In this maze we had up to 18 people playing at once. We ran 10 minute games every 15 mintues all day.

A good rule-of-thumb for laser tag battlefield is to allow for 100-120 square feet per gamer (or 100m2) on the floor foot-print of your playing area or battlefield.

The key to squeezing into a small areas is to have LOTS of things to hide behind.

Space For Outdoor Laser Tag

For a normal outdoor festival we would recommend 65ft x 50ft. So you could have up 20 players at a time.

Alternatively if you are running a longer session for a birthday party or a team building activity in an outdoor location then you can afford to have a bit more space.

We operate within a Gold Coast resort and we only have 2 or 3 acres of rainforest in which to play outdoor laser tag. For a 2 hour session we book up to 100 gamers at a time.

If you have a more spread out area for games can be of a longer duration.

For example, our regular battlefield is 3 acres of rainforest within the campus of a resort.

Here for a public session we run 4 by 15 minute games over a 2 hours session.

Things To Consider For Both Indoors or Outdoors

When the areas are very small, then ideally your games would be short. Say 5min. Or for a clan war even 3 minutes, tops.

For a 5 minute game at a festival we would charge $5 a go. But every market is different, so it would be a good idea for your to check what over rides / attractions charge and match (or beat) that ticket price.

Most festival organizers are concerned about space.

Many question where an extra laser tag attraction could squeeze into. This is a tip for new operators: absolutely, positively demand that your attraction squeeze into the main area, right at the heart of side-how alley.

Otherwise you might find yourself far far away from everyone's site.

Worse still you might have to shuttle people to the arena about a 500 yards away. This is a death-nell. As they say, "out of sight, out of mind". People need to see the action so they will be excited to play.

When you are running a fun event, keep the games simple. In fact many battlefield operators play the one game, over and over.

The two most popular games are Team Death Match (also known as Elimination Match) and the Domination Game (also known as Capture & Hold). 

Whatever you label these missions as by keeping the games simple this enables you to streamline staff training.

In general the most space you have then the more complex scenarios you can run.