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How Do You Make A Laser Tag Gun?

Patented Laser Tag System 

How Do They Do it? How To Make A Laser Tag Gun

How To Make Battlefield Sports Laser Tag Guns

Battlefield Sports laser tag gaming guns have become popular for live-action gaming.  The Battlefield Sports laser gaming factory is in Australia.

Many battlefield operators seek out Battlefield Sports in search of the ultimate live-action gaming arsenal.

The Battlefield Sports laser tag guns (also known as "Taggers" or "Phasers") are famous for their ergonomic balance.

These gaming guns are not just functional, they are gaming props that look and feel authentic.

how to make a laser tag gun
The status within the gaming community comes not just from the fact they are well built but amazingly the software can be customized to the Battlefield Operator's exact specifications.

Battlefield Operators, for example, can specify customized sound effects. In fact as well as more than 20 language schemes, the team has created custom sound schemes in Catalan, Basque, and Swedish.

The production team and manufacture up to 250 units per month.  Running at full capacity the production line can produce up to 30 gaming guns (laser taggers) a day. 

It Starts with the Chassis 

The construction of a Battlefield Sports laser tag gun begins with its chassis or enclosure. 

Battlefield Sports offers two main types of frames: fiber-reinforced poly-carbonate or lightweight aluminum.

The hull design reflects the different designs available, from compact Sub-Machine Guns (SMG) to full-sized Sniper Rifles.

Seen [right] is the internals of the best-selling laser tagger, the Cobra

Building A Scorpion - An In-depth Example 

Take the Scorpion SMG model, for example, combine:
  • 10 different precision-cut aluminum metal components
  • one precision cut glass lens
  • 11 different electronic parts
  • one custom red dot scope
  • one re-chargeable NiMh heavy-duty battery
  • 39 assorted screws
  • and more than 6 feet (2 meters) of cable.

Within the frame or laser tag gun, an enclosure contains the electronics of the laser tag gaming gun. 

The laser tag system itself is patented. 

cobra enclosure
Most modern laser tag work using a combination of infrared and digital radio.

Infrared is a kind of light. It is invisible and harmless, just like a TV remote control. When a player pulls the trigger on a laser tagger it will emit an infrared beam. This beam shoots in a straight line.

Modern Laser Tag systems also use digital radio to activate specific actions in a game. For example, say a player has 5 hit points and they've been tagged out, they return to their base and simply stand near a medic box in their base. The computer in the medic box will respawn that player, and then they can return to the game for a bit of "pay back!".

How to Make A Laser Tag Gun With Patented Technology  

The heart of every Battlefield Sports laser tag gun is the SATR live-action gaming engine. 

The patented SATR system enables real-time hit feedback, so gamers know when they’ve got their opponent. 

More, it works peer-to-peer so without complicated installation, the set-up is 100% portable.

No need to wait for a printout, gamers get instant feedback. 

Although with the addition of the SATRWARE apps you can email gaming statistics to players as an after-action review.

how to make a laser tag gun

Or better still, mobile laser tag operators can use Battlefield Sports' streamlined "SATR-Go! mobile scoreboard on a Windows tablet or laptop. 

SATR gives gamers real-time stats as they go, plus a game score and session score. 

The session score is the gamer's accumulative ratio. Gamers can also track their statistics, such as shooting accuracy, number of tags, and number of de-activations, on their gaming gun in real time.

"For our metal gaming guns range we use aluminum because it is light-weight and resistant to damage," said Peter Lander, Founder, Battlefield Sports.

"The aluminum is powder-coated in a variety of colors. For our poly-carbonate models we use fiber-reinforced poly-carbonate for maximum robustness," he said.

With the enclosure painted and the electronics ready to go, the next step is assembly.

"Timing is of the essence," said Ben, the Tech CO "we have to make sure we have all the components on hand ready to be installed at the proper time otherwise the whole production line can crawl to a halt."

Once assembled the laser tag equipment goes through a thorough quality control check. That way Battlefield Sports delivers exactly what the Battlefield Operator ordered.

Laser Tag Kit

A typical laser tag system consists of a laser tag gun (also known as a gaming gun or laser tagger, or phaser).

The laser taggers emit infrared and register hits on sensors. Despite the sport being called "laser tag" there are no real lasers, rather digital infrared and digital radio signals are used.

Anyway, players shoot at the laser tag gun's sensors to score a hit. 

The sensors are usually integrated into the gun barrel and on the player's head, secured with a headband.

Traditional and tactical laser tag also can have the sensors on a vest.

laser tag like a live video game

The idea is to aim your laser tagger at your opponent and hit one of their sensors. Just like in a video game, players have set a number of hit points. The number of hit points allocated depends on the laser tag game.

If playing the Battle Royale game in the Battlefield ROYALE theme, for example, players start with 100 hit points.

But if playing a simple Team Elimination game in the Battlefield TAG theme, then players start the game with 5 hit points.

A Myriad of Shapes & Sizes

Laser Tag gaming guns are made in a myriad of shapes and sizes. They can be lightweight and compact like to Blaster.  Or they can be a robust submachine gun, like the best-selling Cobra model.

Or you can go for authentic-looking personal defense weapons like the P90. Or go the whole hog and get a Sniper Rifle, like the Morita

In the past laser tag was limited to indoor play. Usually in a dark foggy maze.

But nowadays laser tag can be played outdoors. 

The basic idea with the new technology is that if you can see your opponent then you can get them! 

While laser tag guns are robust and simple to use, the supporting system is sophisticated. Real-time scoring and realistic sound effects add to the thrill of the game.

To win at laser tag your team needs to work together towards the game's objective. Communication, good reflexes, ability to aim with a scope are all important skills.

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