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How Do You Get New Battlefield Business?

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POLL: "How to get new customers?" Which Sources Drive the Most Business To Your Live Gaming Business?

Battlefield Business Trends 

Battlefield Sports is keen to keep up with the business trends in the live gaming sector.

We surveyed live gaming business operators from six countries as to which are the best sources of new business and new bookings for their live gaming business, here are the results.

KEY Result: The best source for new business is Word of Mouth / Referrals.

sources of new business - poll results

Battlefield Poll

In a recent survey, Battlefield Operators from six countries were surveyed.

Almost three-quarters of them said that word of mouth or referrals, we're the best source of new bookings to their live gaming business.

Feedback was gathered from the USA, Australia, the UK, the Caribbean, Denmark, Greece and the Netherlands

Here are the results of the battlefield operators poll:

  • Word of Mouth / Referrals -- 70%
  • Search Engine Optimization - 15%
  • Repeat Bookings - 10%
  • Paid Adverting / PPC - 5%

"Percentage-wise most of our bookings come from people re-booking. But a close 2nd is SEO / Internet Search. We get a lot of web traffic due to our blogs/content marketing. Then 3rd is WOM," said Nicole Lander, Chief Fun Officer, Laser Skirmish.

Marketing For Your Live Gaming Business

What is the best marketing for your entertainment business has been a challenging question for many small businesses! Basically, you will want to decide a few things:

  • Who is your ideal customer
  • What problem do you solve for them, and
  • How are you going to get them to know about you?

Who is your ideal customer?

In our local business, our ideal customer has been the Mom (or sometimes the Dad) of an 8 to a 13-year-old boy who's looking for a birthday party idea.

Since many of us have come out of lock-down bookings have been driven more by Teachers looking for end of term school events or school camp activities. We are unique because we can solve the problem of "what to do" especially with very large groups.


What Problem Do You Solve For Your Customer?

For example, we had a school booked in for 60 PAX and the day before they bumped the numbers up to 108 PAX.

In our local operation, we have the capability that all the students can be engaged at once.

So.... so far we've known who we are serving (which target audience) and we know how we can serve them uniquely.


How Do Your Prospects Discover You? 

The next, question to answer is how to get their attention. How to get eyeballs onto your product/service. There are loads of different ways:

  • Word of Mouth
  • Content marketing
  • PPC
  • social media
  • PR
  • direct mail, and
  • traditional advertising like TV and radio.

We've tried pretty much all of them! Right now Facebook groups have a lot more traction than regular Facebook business accounts. As well as this Facebook group for Battlefield Operators, we also have one for our B2C customers -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/294925654804168

We have always found email marketing has worked well. So you advertise, send them to a squeeze page and offer a "lead magnet" (you've probably downloaded one of mine in the past!) and they work through the funnel, with up-sells and thank you pages. Then you send the prospect a series of email messages automatically. 


In Summary, Marketing Your Live Gaming Business

I've found that this year, perhaps more than in the past, customers are seeking to create "moments of value". In other words, they are not necessarily looking for the cheapest.

People want value.

And they want to create special moments and experiences that they'll never forget. We for our local rental product, for example, when someone rents some taggers, they can a bundle of extras included. These extras are not a big overhead on us but boost the value perspective to the customer.

You literately give them a stack of value.

What are the best ways to drive new bookings in your live gaming business?