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Horror Hospital | Halloween

Horror Hospital | Halloween 2022

Battle Monsters, Avoid the Security System, Take Down the Enemy

In this game, players must dash and dart from their base (the Med Kit Storage) to the other end of the arena. They shoot the box there, collect a Med Kit from the Drop, and get back to their base to store it.

Why Run this Mission?

  • Only a few actors are required. Actors can be expensive and the less you need the better. The other team and the security system provide plenty of extra challenges for the players.
  • Players are not permanently eliminated, this means happier customers
  • Mission runs for a fixed period which makes scheduling easier

Hugely popular in various movie blockbusters, like WWZ, 

the "get into the medical facility overrun by monsters" mission can now be played in the real world.

Halloween is just around the corner! Start preparing by downloading this run sheet.

Download the Horror Hospital Run Sheet

Horror Hospital game

Summing Up

Simply put, the new Horror Hospital game is thrilling. A three-way match-up that pits two sets of teams against each other, versus a smaller team of monsters and the security system.

Let us know if you try it at your local battlefield.