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High-end Ultra-realistic Laser Combat Arena

Virtual Warfare Offers A High-end Ultra-Realistic Laser Combat Arena

The United Kingdom's Virtual Warfare offers kids as young as 7 the chance to engage in thrilling combat scenarios. Virtual Warfare's Ben Dryer talked to InterFun about how children fit into the operator's laser tag offering.

indoor laser tag arena

Interview with Ben Dryer

IF: Are you seeing growth in the number of kids visiting Virtual Warfare?
Ben Dryer, marketing manager, Virtual Warfare: "Yes. We have always offered specific child-friendly events but careful consideration is now made to which equipment and games feature in each event type. Over the past nine years, we have seen a steady rise in bookings are mostly driven by word of mouth."

IF: Do kids get to play casually, i.e. at open sessions, or only at birthday parties, etc.?
BD: "We run at least one open session a week but the build of our younger business is through booked parties for a minimum of 10 players."

indoor laser tag arena

IF: Are children's expectations of laser tag and other point-and-shoot games changing, in the age of the iPad do they expect more from places like Virtual Warfare?

BD: "Virtual Warfare is a very high-end ultra-realistic setting for laser combat so we have made a name for top-quality laser action regardless of the age group. We have long marketed the experience as being akin to playing in the latest video game and the arenas and equipment work so well that customers of all ages get lost in the action."

IF: Which laser tag products do you use and what are the benefits?
BD: "We've used Battlefield Sports since we started up in 2006. It is very robust and reliable equipment with continuous innovation and gaming gun designs that appeal across the range of customers, from mothers to army units."

IF: Do you undertake any marketing activities aimed specifically at kids, or is it a cross-sell from the adult visitors?

BD: "We market in magazines that go out with pupils at the end of term as well as some web-specific advertising for parents and children. There is some crossover between adult and child events although it's usually parents realizing how good Virtual Warfare is and booking it for their corporate or stag events.

'We run a large indoor karting track alongside Virtual Warfare. Karting came first and when we were looking for an additional activity we needed something that would appeal to a broad audience that we could run to the same high standard."

"The Battlefield Sports equipment we use allows us the flexibility to cater for young players as well as a broad range of adult events, even to the extent of changing things around in the middle of the game."

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