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Heroes Made Here With SATR3.2

Level up your live gaming with the latest SATR software release: SATR 3.2

Heroes Made Here: Latest Software SATR3.2

New Feature: Melee by Radio

Playing Zombie Games? Need Your Monster Fix? With the new "melee by radio" actors who are playing zombies or monsters can attack gamers via a very short range (1 or 2 yards or 1 or 2 meters) radio signal.

This means the gamers no longer need to pull a trigger to inflict an attack. Instead a standard ranged attack will be issued. For example, an Orc using an Orc Great Axe will do 4 points of slashing damage. 

There is a 20% chance this will be counted as a head attack. This gives bonus damage. 

Running thrilling zombie events can be challenging. We've found in our experience paying customers don't really like being cast as zombies (i.e. the characters that die a lot). Rather gamers want to be the heroes. 

New Feature: Automatic Resurrection 

Ideally, zombies are paid actors. Also useful in a theme park or haunted attraction environment is that the zombie characters automatically re-spawn after a specified period of time. We have found that every 2 minutes works well. 

This gives the gamer group 2 minutes to clear area and the scene to automatically re-set for the next group. The duration between auto re-spawns can be configured. 

SATR software

New Battlefield Prop: The Treasure Box

The new battlefield prop, the Treasure Box, is the most sophisticated and flexible device role in the SATR system, other than a "gamer" character. 

A Treasure Box can contain up to 8 emulations, cash, head armor and barrel armor for the gamers to collect. A treasure box can be virtually locked by assigning a key number between 1 and 12, they gamers will need to find and the use the right virtual key on the box to open. A Treasure Box can be trapped, a trapped will be triggered if any attempt is used to unlock the box or collect the treasure.  

Treasure Box

A find traps special effect will cause a trapped box to flash blue for 5 seconds. The blush flash is like a magical aura indicating that there is a trap. Then you will need to use the "Remove Trap" emulation. A remove traps special effect will safely remove a trap. If the box has emulations as treasure these will be added to any spare slots the gamer has. 

If all 8 slots are full, then no emulations will be collected. If the gamer already has armor that covers the same hit location as the armor found in the box, they need to confirm they want the new armor by pushing the mode button once. With this box, it would be possible to have an entertaining activity without guns. They just have melee boxes without any sensors, the gamers can collect virtual keys and treasure all by pushing the button on the treasure box which will then give them keys and treasure by radio. The gamer with the most treasure collected wins. This could work with puzzles and challenges often found in escape room like activities.

A Treasure box could be used as an alternative to the money drop box to run a mission similar to Heist but more sophisticated.   

New Character: "Rogue" 

A new character has been added to the Fantasy genre: Rogue.   

A rogue has the new DODGE armor.  Dodge armor gives the Rogue a 50% chance of any hit will missing them. it is as if they have dodged out the way. Dodge is now an armor type in Battlefield LIVE, Fantasy and Sci Fi genres. Rogues have "Pick Pocket" emulation that allows them to steal money if they get within melee range of any gamer including those on their own team.  

This takes half their treasure but has a 30% chance of being detected. Rogues have "Remove Traps", very useful for treasure boxes!

rogue character - battlefield fantasy

Other New Features In SATR3.2


The protection perk now lasts for 10 seconds not 5 seconds.


Find Traps emulation added to the priest class in Fantasy.


The RPG HE removed from Soldier class, only the Grenadier now starts with an RPG.   


Flame throwers now have an area effect, like RPG, but very close area of effect (melee RF range).  This will make them more effective for clearing rooms and bunkers.


Armor can now have stun resistance. This will reduce the effect of stun attacks. This will make stunning tanks for example more less effective.


Ranged weapons now added to the Battlefield LIVE genre. This includes short bow, long bow, crossbow, Molotov cocktail, nail gun, sling shot, taser, and throwing axe.


A new quick return to the "home" page on the Master Controller menus. (This is done by holding the black and red buttons down simultaneously.)