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Heist Mission With In-Game Perks


Heist Mission with Mystery weapon box 

By Peter Lander 

On Saturday at the Mt Crosby battlefield venue in Brisbane, I ran the new Heist mission. 

I run two variations. First I added a mystery weapon box for both teams between their base (medic box) and the money drop box located in exposed areas. 

I also moved the team vaults (where they store their captured money) to the opposite ends of the field. 

These options created a really interesting game challenges for gamers. 

Early in each game holding the money drop is very important to collect the loot. 

Getting better weapons from the mystery box may also prove decisive but is time-consuming and you need to be lucky. 

Late in the game, trying to raid the other team's vault to steal their money was the main tactic. 

One thing I like about Heist is a team can always come back even if well behind if they can steal enough money from the other team's vault and it return it to their own vault.