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Happy Holidays with Gift Certificates

A Proven Way To Boost Sales: Gift Cards

Gift Certificates To Help Battlefield Business Boost Holiday Sales

Here's an idea that should be in the arsenal of every battlefield business operator, especially as we countdown to the holiday season: gift cards!

Gift certificates are easy and effective promotional tools for your battlefield business.

Done right, it can boost your sales.

Many battlefield operators around the planet use gift cards to boost sales in the upcoming holiday season.

christmas gift card

Gift Certificates for Battlefield Businesses

Gift Cards can be promoted for bar mitzvahs or bat mitzvahs, quinceaƱeras, and of course birthdays. In fact, gift certificates can be used for any big occasion. And gift certificates are especially effective leading up to the "Happy Holiday" season.

You can send a gift certificate to reward your most loyal customers, or to give one as special recognition to an employee.

Gift Certificates are also great for prize giveaways at your local village fair or school fete to promote your primary business. They might encourage someone to test out your battlefield business who might not have even considered you otherwise.

We usually send out a one-person pass for our local Laser Skirmish two-hour public session. Most times the customer will bring someone along.

The reason why we offer this particular type of ticket is that it is a public session, meaning that there are likely to be other, paying customers. Of course, you can select a product add-on or some other service that is profitable.

What you promote are the items you are likely to sell more of.

Battlefield Operators can design their virtual gift certificates that their gamers can download online.

Operators can create custom gift cards such as Square, Vistaprint or the Gift Card Planet.

Summer Camp Cedar Springs Camp from Lake Stevens, WA, for example, use giftly.

Or try the online graphics app Canva, click here

When issuing gift cards it is best to check with your local laws as to redemption expiration dates or fees, and what, if anything, happens to unused cards.

Where to Promote Your Gift Certificates?

PROMOTE: Promote Your Gift Card Offer In-Store

If you have a laser tag arena or a fixed forest location then promote your gift certificate offer locally.

It is a good idea to display a small poster of your Gift Certificate offer (e.g. A4 or letter size) on the back of the door of your washrooms.

I love this!

The walls of your humble toilet mean you have a captive audience!

Or if you have a gift shop or other place where your gamers congregate then use every available wall space to help contribute toward generating more sales.

Even if you have a mobile business, then you can still promote the fact that you offer gift cards to your customers. You might be able to create a magnet that sticks to the side of your trailer or car. Or offer a flyer to every player that lets them know they can order a gift card.

PROMOTE: Promote Your Gift Card Offer Online

You can also promote your gift card offer on your website and on your social media channels. 

Create a webpage about your gift certificates (even if people cannot order online, invite them to call or email you to order).

Also, create a post on your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever social media channel you have, about your gift cards.

In Summary: Boost Sales Via Gift Cards

Even if your battlefield business is in lockdown you can still sell gift cards for future events.

According to InComm Payments, more than 9 in 10 shoppers (94%) said they plan to buy one or more gift cards this holiday season.

Now is a great time to help boost your sales, and Gift Certificates are an excellent way to do just that.

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