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Halo Reach Goes LIVE for Pre-launch

Everyone Can Be A Halo Hero With A Live Experience

As the fourth release in the blockbuster series heads down the homestretch towards its launch, eager fans lined up for hours to experience the game live in Vancouver.

HALO Reach arrives amid high expectations. 

Microsoft partnered with Battlefield Sports to run a series of live games across Canada. A parking lot on West Cordova in Vancouver was transformed into a warzone, hundreds of people lined up one Saturday night, some for hours. Gamers played against the Xbox team (the Covenant), with the goal of reaching and activating the UNSC obelisk.

People who pre-ordered were allowed to play the 2nd game, as the Covenant defending team. 

"You got a rifle which can be switched between semi- and full-auto, "magazine" of 50 rounds, and you had 5 lives. 

The Covenant players had 10 lives. 


Halo Live Gaming Experience 

Of course, I played rather instinctively and got some epic headshots," said Necro2607

"This was worth the four-hour wait in line!" said Kurtis Kooznetsoff, one of the avid gamers.

Last weekend, the entire mobile HALO force moved east and repeated the experience in Toronto.HALO reach is an archetype first-person shooter game. 

It is set to be one of the biggest and fastest-selling titles this season. Despite economic jitters that are pinching consumer spending, for computer games "the industry is showing signs of recovery," according to Steven P. Musil of CNET.Sports™.

The Halo crew is going to reprise this live experience with a new traveling show, click here for more info.

Published by Microsoft, Halo is a military sci-fi first-person shooter franchise. First launched in 2001 it has been a favorite with FPS gamers.


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