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Getting Creative on a Budget


How to Get Creative on a Budget - 99Designs

web design on a budget Starting your business can be expensive especially when you consider graphic design - logo design, business cards, flyers.

There are some examples and templates inside the Battlefield Sports University.

Or if you prefer a special, unique look and feel just for you, then you might like to consider 99designs.

Here's how it works: You upload your design brief and sent this to the 99designs web site. Designers then upload their concepts, the web site calls these "contests".

They are called contests because many designers vie for your favor. You just choose the one you like.

And only pay for the one you select.

In fact, you can also run a poll and ask your friends and family and business networks, or even your customers which design they prefer.

How did 99designs help Battlefield Sports?

In fact, Battlefield Sports has used this service ourselves to redesign our new www.battlefieldsports.com web site.

"We wanted a new web site design which captured the thrill of live gaming while showcasing our sophisticated patented technology," said Nicole Lander, co-Founder Battlefield Sports.

"I worked with designer Verdo to create a design that is dynamic and functional," said Nicole.

Battlefield Sports was celebrated by 99designs as a part of its special 200,000th design contest.

Read our case study on the 99design's site.

And guess what? This crowd-sourcing pioneer, 99designs, is also Australian. So check them out and give them a try.