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Get Your Own Laser Tag Gun For Christmas

The perfect Christmas Gift from someone with "Everything" 

Buying a Laser Tag Gun for Christmas

So you’ve played (or know that special someone who has played) laser tag / live gaming a few times and LOVE it. You want to play more regularly with your friends?  And, yes, you can own your own laser tag gun. 

Step One.

Email us to discuss which model laser tag gun would suit your needs. Choose the ideal laser tag gun for you. There are nine gaming gun models, each has its own features and style. And with the latest software, SATR3, there are even more accessories available. We can discuss with you what you are looking for and what would work best for you. (Please note that some jurisdictions have special regulations so best to discuss this with us before your order.) We have compact models like the Blaster or Cobra, medium sized models like the Honey Badger or P90 [pictured right], and the honking metal monster like the Morita Sniper Rifle.

Step Two.

We will get back to you on the likely delivery time. Please note that all laser tag guns are made to order and some models take longer to deliver. Please note we need a 50% deposit to kick off production and the balance is due when the goods are ready for shipping.

Step Three.

Get ready for some fun this Christmas. But get in quick. Orders coming in fast so don't wait till the last minute or you might be enjoying your laser tag guns in the New Year rather than at Christmas! Delivery cycles vary from a couple of weeks to up to 6 or 8 weeks. So get started now!  

Order Your Own Laser Tag Gun Now

If you are looking for a fantastic Christmas gift for someone who loves gaming, or someone who has "everything" then consider ordering your own laser tag guns.

a laser tag gun for christmas