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What Trophies & Prizes to Use on Your Battlefield?

Battlefield LIVE trophiesFew things in life compare to the adrenaline rush from playing Battlefield LIVE in the forest or in an urban arena.

Whether you run formal laser tag leagues, Battlefield LIVE clan wars or just some fun games you might want to reward your gamers as winners.

But what trophies or prizes to award?

Horses for Courses

Keeping in the theme of laser tag/laser skirmish (also known as Battlefield LIVE) we have awarded our gamers lots of varied trophies and prizes in the past.

While the kudos and applause of winning the clan war may be enough for some.

Many gamers appreciate getting a memento of their success.

We have awarded our gamers player pennants, paper certificates, and game plaques.battlefield LIVE trophy

We have given away dog tags.

We have even created a trophy from a decommissioned 30cal bullet.

Lots and lots of different ways to acknowledge that gamers are winners.

Let us know what trophies and prizes that have been well received on your battlefield.

A Special "Battlefield LIVE" Trophy

We have a special Battlefield LIVE trophy that is a unique choice.

It is made of pewter and depicts a gamer holding a Commando Carbine.

The trophy is set on a plinth which is emblazoned with our Battlefield LIVE logo and says "Sharpshooter."

We have a limited number of these trophies available.

Stock is limited so get in quick.

battlefield live trophyIf you are interested in ordering for own Battlefield LIVE trophy email me today nicole@battlefieldsports.com and quote #trophy