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Battlefield Sports' Game Management & Scoreboard Software "SATRWARE" 

SATR-Score Board 

Leading live gaming manufacturer, Battlefield Sports, offer the market a new Game Management and Scoreboard Software "SATRWARE".

SATRWARE consists of two apps: 

  • SATR-Hub app
  • SATR-Score app

Together they make game administration and scoreboard display easier for laser tag businesses.

These apps offer real-time gamer interaction that can now be displayed on a large screen and operators can administer the gaming operations via a tablet or laptop. 

team elimination scoreboard in the Battlefield TAG theme

SATR-Hub Game Management App

The apps integrated with Battlefield Sports' third-generation patented technology, SATR3. The new SATRWARE apps offer a huge amount of functionality for battlefield operators. 

Unlike other game management and scoring apps on the market, SATRWARE does not need access to the internet or wi-fi to operate.


Rather the system uses its own wireless digital radio mesh (in other words a discrete digital radio system that is not connected to the internet).

Each device such as gaming guns and gaming accessories pings the system to form an Integrated mesh.

SATRWARE lets you create unique live gaming experiences wirelessly. Control the game and communicate with the players with voice-overs and real-time results. SATRWARE is designed to deliver best-in-class customization and ease-of-use for the ultimate live gaming environment.
TDM scoreboard - Battlefield LIVE theme

Team Death Match scoreboard results in the Battlefield LIVE Theme.

Battlefield Royale game

Battle Royale game in game scoreboard 

3 point domination game scoreboard

Three Point Domination in game real-time scoring

It's a Game Changer

We love how much easier it is to manage games with SATRWARE. SATRHUB is awesome. SATRWARE is a game-changer if you're running SATR3+. Once you try it you can't go back to using just controllers. It makes things so much quicker and easier. In case you missed it our clients this summer have included Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and NVIDIA. Pretty cool these billion-dollar companies love playing outdoor laser tag. Thanks for making an incredible product!! Keep up the awesome work!
Daryl Breuninger, CA USA

The latest version of SATRWARE offers Battlefield Operators even more simple-to-use tools. The new software has a series of integrated "wizards" that make setting up the game settings a dream. For more info about the new SATR software, click here.

More enhancements are being rolled-out through 2020. SATRWARE is available in three packages: SATR-Essentials, SATR-Pro and SATR-Premium.

Team Elimination scoreboard in the Battlefield TAG theme

Team Elimination "Game Over" in the Battlefield TAG theme.

capture the flag scoreboard

Capture the Flag game in the Battlefield LIVE gaming theme.

real time game scoreboard

Team Elimination real time scoring - getting in sync

Real-Time Integration

SATRWARE integrates the Battlefield Props and the Gamers, all in real-time.  

The system has a straight-forward team-balancing feature where the Battlefield Operator can do a quick re-set on one screen.

The Operator can do a set team hit-rate adjustment and set difficulty adjustment. No longer do you need to change these settings gamer by the gamer.  

SATR continues to be the most flexible system available. 

Every unit can be re-configured to act like any other unit.

For example, a gaming gun can be quickly changed from an infrared ranged weapon to act like a monster character. In other words, switch from gaming gun to a monster, quick-smart! 

Monster characters such as Zombies can attack via the digital radio system.  

SATR3 uses digital radio to monitor the game result on a variety of devices.  

Right now Battlefield Operators can use a SATR3 master controller to get a summary and detailed level information about a device via digital radio.

The same application programming interface (API) has been used to develop this app. (In other words, the SATR3 software talks directly to the new SATRWARE.)

scoresheet in the Battlefield Fantasy theme

Scoresheet: Battlefield Fantasy Theme

scoresheet in the BAttlefield LIVE theme

Scoresheet: Battlefield LIVE theme 

scoresheet in the Battlefield UNDEAD theme

Scoresheet: Battlefield UNDEAD theme  

Value Added Service

Thanks a lot for the SATR Score-Sheet! It is a great example of value added service for your regular players - allows to keep the history and track the progress. See you soon at the games!
Alex aka Kaiser

SATRWARE: SATR-Essentials satrware essentials - the basic pack

SATR-Essentials is the basic package.

This is the best solution for a budget indoor laser tag operation. SATR-Essentials -- this is the basic version that has SATR-Hub and a digital radio dongle.

The SATR-Hub app has all the functions of the Battlefield Sports Master Controller but runs on a Windows Tablet or Laptop.

With a bigger screen and colorful graphics, the operator can manage the game experience. 


SATR-Pro is the intermediate package.

This solution is best for larger indoor laser tag arenas or fixed locations. 

This is for operators who want to run the Hub and Scoreboard on a single computer.

This workable solution has an option that has the SATR-Hub app plus the SATR-Score app but only one digital radio dongle. 


SATR-Premium is the best package.

This package suits Theme Parks, Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) or multi-activity Adventures Parks.

This pack is best for indoor or outdoor operations that are in a fixed location and have access to electricity. 

SATR-Premium which has both SATR-Hub app and SATR-Score app and two dongles.

Hardware Minimum Requirements 

In any case, the operator will also need to purchase a Windows tablet or laptop.

For the game results to be on a big screen the operator also will need to buy a big monitor and a HDMI cable.satrware pro - professional software for laser tag business

The external computer hardware such as the Windows Tablet or Laptop or PC will need the following requirements as a minimum: 
  • Windows 10 
  • Microsoft Access Drivers Installed 
  • 4 Gig RAM 
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB 
  • At least one full-sized USB port 
  • For the HMDI - need 100% DPI 
  • Recommended - Full HD 1080p 

Game Integration: By Battlefield Genre or Theme

The SATR-Score enables real-time game results for popular games. The graphics on the SATRWARE scoreboard changes as does the terminology.

SATRWARE software supports four gaming themes:

* Battlefield LIVE (live first-person shooter games)

* Battlefield TAG (family-friendly laser tag) * Battlefield ROYALE (Fortnite for real) 

* Battlefield UNDEAD (zombie games)
* Battlefield FANTASY (live-action role-play fantasy scenarios)

Battlefield LIVE Integration

In the Battlefield LIVE genre, for example, SATRWARE integrates with:
  •     Team Death Match
  •     Domination
  •     3 Point Domination
  •     Rush
  •     Heist
  •     Capture the Flag
  •     Free For All (solo)
  •     Battle Royale (squads up to 7 teams)

Game Integration: Battlefield TAG

In the Battlefield TAG genre, the SATRWARE integrates with:high end laser tag system
  •     Team Elimination
  •     Capture & Hold
  •     Capture the Flag
  •     Free for All (solo)
  •     Battle Royale (squads up to 7 teams)
  Game Integration: Battlefield UNDEAD Genre

Within the Battlefield UNDEAD genre, the supported games are:

    Battle Royale (squads up to 7 teams).
  •     Team Death Match
  •     Zombie Domination
  •     3 Point Zombie Domination
  •     Heist
  •     Capture the Flag
  •     Free for All, and
  Game Integration: Battlefield FANTASY Theme

Within the Battlefield FANTASY genre, the supported games are:
  •     Team Death Match
  •     One Point Domination
  •     3 Point Domination
  •     Heist
  •     Free for All
  •     Rush
  •     Capture the Flag
  •     Battle Royale (squads up to 7 teams).

Absolutely Loved It

Absolutely loved it. Loved the live scores. The games were even better with the scoreboard. Will definitely be back!
Debbie Kennedy

The external computer hardware such as the Windows Tablet or Laptop or PC will need the following requirements as a minimum: 
  • Windows 10 
  • Microsoft Access Drivers Installed 
  • 4 Gig RAM 
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB 
  • At least one full-sized USB port 
  • For the HMDI - need 100% DPI 
  • Recommended - Full HD 1080p