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Friday the 13th is Lucky for Haunts

Friday the 13th means Good Luck — if you like to be Scared

friday the 13th Friday the Thirteenth is great for Haunted Attractions seeking to extend their season outside the traditional October Halloween calendar.

Think you can survive a zombie apocalypse? The owners of the Fear Factory SLC invited zombie gamers to come to find out. Gamers were invited to shoot their way through their haunted maze.

Some years there is only one Friday the 13th in the calendar year. Some years there are two and in some very scary years, there can be three! Be it Friday 13th in November 2020 or Friday 13th August 2021, or even Friday 13th 2022, this day can be quiet the fright! 

If You've Got It, Haunt It

The Fear Factory SLC opened to take advantage of the early, spooky weekend for a special two-night event.

The haunted attraction is set in a former cement factory in Salt Lake City. It is said to be haunted.

On Friday the 13th, aside from dealing with superstitions, gamers had the opportunity to experience Battlefield UNDEAD namely the zombie laser tag games "Operation: Zombie Destruction".

This was an all-out war between hero gamers and their friends against a horde of zombies. These zombie laser tag gamers were set in a horror theme park for gamers to get double-scared in.

Tickets were $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Zombie laser tag run from 7 p.m. until Midnight.

The zombie experience was popular.zombie laser tag - battlefield undead

The first night sold out.

"We sold out of Operation Zombie Destruction tickets. The response was huge and we had a larger than expected turnout and are sorry for any long waits in line that some of you experienced. We do have some tickets still available for the Saturday though. We've made a few tweaks and Battlefield Live drove a truckload full of guns from California overnight so we can send more groups through at a time. To help ensure all of our guests have a great time with as short of a wait as possible," said a spokesperson from fearfactoryslc.com.

The reaction from Zombie laser tag devotees was awesome.

Brittany Cook said "That was soooo fun. It was worth the wait and the cost!!"

Shanda Echohawk said, "My son and his friends had a great time last night!"

Jessica Oblock said, "The wait was really long last night but the experience was fun!"

Rachael Nebeker "I can't wait to go kill some zombies tonight. Lol"

To find out how Battlefield UNDEAD can add interactive thrills to your haunt, contact your local consultant.