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Find the Easter Egg Inside SATR

The SATR has a Secret Easter Egg - Can you Find it?

commentaryWhat is an Easter Egg you ask? No, it is not the chocolate treat or the pretty Faberge egg. This type of Easter Egg is a harmless surprise secreted somewhere in a video game or within gaming system software. The tradition of hiding little secrets for gamers to find is as old as the medium itself.

Most everyday users are unaware Easter eggs actually exist.

Games Radar for example, lists the Top 100 best Easter Eggs of all time. They say that sometimes, an Easter Egg is just a funny character moment or a memorable bit of absurdity; other times, you'll get a few mind-bending plot secrets for your troubles. Or the Easter Egg might be a homage to the developers of the game.

What is the EASTER EGG within SATR?

Just like many other gaming software development teams, the developers of the patented gaming technology SATR2 left a secret little surprise, a little bit of themselves, within the system. Here's how to find the SATR easter egg.

First boot up a Gaming Gun which has SATR installed (check for the latest software here):

  • Turn on with the key (1/4 clockwise)
  • Make sure the gaming gun is in "unlocked" mode (the Easter Egg won’t pop up if you are in the Locked OUT laser tag mode)
  • If you have SATR 2.0y one the boot screen you will see “Copyright BattlefieldSports.com” and then it will automatically change to the Welcome Screen. (If you have earlier versions of SATR you’ll automatically see the Welcome Screen.)
  • The Welcome Screen will show a variety of info depending on which Gun Class this unit is currently set to. If you are in the Sub-Machine Gun Class you will likely see FN90 on the first line, this is the weapon emulation that this unit was set to last time it was booted up. sten gun display
  • If you Gaming Gun is currently set to a rifle or hand gun or Machine Gun then Press the black (right) button once. “Gun Reset” screen set will show. Click the trigger 5 times until you see the “Select Class” screen. Press the black button until you see “Sub Machine Gun” then to select that and start the gaming gun pull the trigger a few times (approx. 13). If you go one too far you’ll hear “Mission Start”. You’ll need to turn the gaming gun off and then on again and follow the step below.
  • Press the red (left) button once. The screen will so “Difficulty” options. Click past this by pulling the trigger once.
  • The Gaming Gun will automatically start the Weapon Emulation Commentary about the P90. There are 69 Weapon Emulation Commentaries one for each of the SATR weapons. These are professional studio recorded by actors in English but with appropriate ethnic accents. For example the Uzi commentary is voiced by an Israeli actor and the MP5 is voiced by a German actor and the P90 is voiced by a Belgium actor.
  • Now here’s the Easter Egg. Once the P90 audio file starts, click the red button 7 times to click through the next 7 weapons. You will select the Sten Mark II Sub-Machine Gun.


Here’s the commentary:

Sten Gun Easter Egg“The Sten Mark 2 submachine gun features a 32 shot magazine, fires fully automatic only, has short range, has 6 spare magazines of 9mm parabellum ammunition and takes 4 seconds to reload. It was one of the crudest and ugliest SMG designs of WW2. But more than 4 million STEN's of different versions were made from 1941 until 1945...”

Sten Mark II Sub-Machine Gun Weapon Emulation Specifications

  • Rounds per mag 32
  • Fully auto
  • Recoil = 2 (the red dot disappears for 1 second  after every time the gamer fires if this option of Visual FX is switched on. The higher the recoil value the longer the red-dot will disappear).
  • ROF = 450 rounds per minute
  • Range = Short
  • Reloads = 6
  • Reload time = 4 seconds
  • Jam Rate = 5/5 (if jamming is switched on)
  • Country of Manufacture = United Kingdom

To play with the Sten Mark II SMG commentry, simply click the trigger several times to you hear “Mission Start”.

When you listen to the Sten Gun commentry you might ask… who’s voice is that?

Now you are ready to play!

Give the Sten Gun a try, a tough British gaming gun!

In fact, there is actually an aftermarket model you can order in Britian, check it out here.