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Feautred Emulation: Baseball Bat

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Featured Weapon Emulation: Baseball Bat

The Classic "Baseball Bat" Emulation

The SATR3 live-action gaming engine has more than 350 emulations.

Today we're going to talk about the Baseball Bat emulation.

This emulation is used by the "Street Punk" character in the Battlefield UNDEAD theme.

This is a classic Horror weapon.

So of course we had to include it!

The Baseball Bat is for a melee weapon.

It is designed to work in combination with a LARP prop baseball (don't use a real one!)

A motion-activated trigger needs to be attached to the prop.


Melee Weapon Emulation

As a melee weapon, the Baseball Bat has unlimited ammunition but only allows for semi-automatic attacks (one swing for one attack). What as that mean in practice? The player must swing their bat to activate an attack. There's no rapid fire with a bat!

Of course, gamers can swing their Baseball Bat an unlimited amount of times. The Baseball Bat emulation will always be able to inflict damage (as long as they hit the target!).

Melee weapons have no muzzle flash.

Baseball Bat's are the modern form of a clubbing weapon. For this reason they inflict "Crushing" damage. 

The bat emulation has melee range, which is super close quarters. And deals 2 crushing damage.

Here are the emulations' specifications

  • Magazine Capacity: unlimited
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Auto
  • Recoil Duration: n/a
  • Rate of Fire: (up to) 60 swings per minute
  • Range: Melee
  • Reloads: n/a
  • Reload duration: n/a
  • Ammo: n/a
  • Damage: 2C
  • Jam Rate: n/a
  • Origin: n/a

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