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Featured Emulation: Simonov Carbine


Featured Weapon Emulation: Simonov Carbine

SATR2 emulates 69 different weapons. The new SATR3 live gaming engine has more than 300 emulations. These weapons are categorized into four classes:

  • handguns
  • submachine guns
  • rifles
  • machine guns

simonov carbineToday we feature the Simonov Carbine SKS emulation.

The Simonov is good if you are running an outdoor forest field because it is great for long-range gaming.

The Simonov Carbine

Listen to the Simonov's features, click here.

Here are the Gaming Gun Specifications

  • Magazine Capacity: 10
  • Fire Mode: Fully Auto / Semi-Auto
  • Recoil Duration: 2 seconds
  • Rate of Fire: Medium
  • Range: Medium
  • Reloads: 6
  • Reload duration: 3 seconds
  • Ammo: 7.62mm Soviet
  • Jam Rate: FA= .5 / SA = .5
  • Origin: Russia

The Simonov Carbine has a 10 shot magazine and fires in semiautomatic only, has long-range, has 25 spares magazines of 7.62mm Soviet ammunition and takes 3 seconds to reload. A very simple, easy to operate automatic loading carbine widely used in communist countries. 

A Commando Carbine configured as a Simonov Carbine would normally be long-range.  Effectively the long-range is extra long. Since the Commando has a 46mm diameter and a focal length of 158mm lens. This boosts up the outdoor laser tag gun's range. Plus the beam is a narrower again enabling extended range.