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Featured Emulation: PPS43

Featured Weapon Emulation: PPS 43 Sub Machine Gun

SATR3 the latest software version has more than 350 emulations. SATR2, the previous generation, emulates 69 different weapons. These weapons are categorized into four (4) classes:

  • handguns
  • submachine guns
  • rifles
  • machine guns

pps 43 smg artwork by mihenator

Today we feature the MAT49-32 submachine gun emulation. This is an iconic SMG, made famous in World War 2.

The PPS 43 SMG

The PPS43 is a reasonably rare weapon emulation in the SATR system.

The PPS-43 submachine gun features a 35 shot magazine and fires fully automatic only.

This weapon has a short range.

It has 6 spare magazines of 7.62mm Soviet ammunition and takes 4 seconds to reload.

The PPS-42 launched in 1942 and was further refined in 1943 to become the PPS-43.   

Many consider the PPS-42 the best Sub Machine Gun of WW2. It was widely exported to pro-Soviet regimes around the world and widely copied. 

Listen to the PPS43's features, click here.

Here are the Gaming Gun Specifications

  • Magazine Capacity: 35
  • Fire Mode: Fully Auto Only
  • Recoil Duration: 2 seconds
  • Rate of Fire: Medium 
  • Range: Short
  • Reloads: 6
  • Reload duration: 4 seconds
  • Ammo: 7.62mm Soviet ammo
  • Jam Rate: 3
  • Origin: Russian

A Honey Badger (HB14) configured as a PPS43 would normally be configured at either short or medium range. 

Image attribution, from Mihenator.