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Featured Emulation: Owen SMG

Featured Weapon Emulation: Owen Sub Machine Gun

The cutting-edge laser tag system, SATR3, has more than 300 emulations. The previous generation software SATR2 emulates 69 different weapons. These weapons are categorized into four (4) classes:

  • handguns
  • submachine guns
  • rifles
  • machine guns

This month we feature the Owen SMG emulation. We also wrote a blog on the Owen SMG lifting the lid on a SATR Easter Egg with Nicole Lander's voice on its commentary SFX (click here to read about the Easter Egg.) 

owen smgThe Owen SMG Emulation

The Owen is a popular weapon emulation in the SATR system.

The Owen sub machine gun features a 33 shot magazine. It has 6 spare magazines of 9mm parabellum ammunition and takes 4 seconds to reload.

Its default emulation is short range.

The Owen SMG was adopted by the Australian army during WW2.

The Owen sub machine gun fires fully automatic only. 

About 45,000 Owen SMGs were made in Australia from 1942. These remained in service with Australian forces until the 1960s. These weapons were well liked by soldiers due to their robustness, reliability and simplicity.

Listen to the Owen SMG's features, click here.

Here are the Gaming Gun Specifications

Magazine Capacity: 33
Fire Mode: Full Auto
Recoil Duration: 2 seconds
Rate of Fire: Medium / Fast
Range: Short
Reloads: 6
Reload duration: 4 seconds
Ammo: 9mm Parabellum
Jam Rate: 5
Origin: Australia

A Honey Bager PDW configured as a Owen would normally be configured at short or medium range. 

Image Attribution: Forgotten Weapons