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Featured Emulation: MP5SD




Featured Weapon Emulation: H&K MP5SD Sub Machine Gun

SATR2 emulates 69 different weapons. The new SATR3 live gaming engine offers more than 300 emulations. The weapons are categorized into four (4) classes:

  • handguns
  • submachine guns
  • rifles
  • machine guns

Today we feature the MP5SD submachine gun emulation. This is the stealth version of the iconic SMG.


Artwork by Master Chief FoxThe MP5SD is a popular weapon emulation in the SATR system.

The Heckler & Koch MP5SD submachine gun features a 15 shot magazine, is capable of fully automatic and semiautomatic fire, and is short-ranged.

It has 12 spare magazines of 9mm Parabellum ammunition and takes 3 seconds to reload.

The MP5SD was introduced in 1974. 

It has an integrated suppressor and a special barrel which reduced the muzzle velocity of its ammunition to just below the speed of sound. It is almost inaudible at distances of more than 15 meters.

The muzzle flash is virtually invisible. It is a weapon of choice for stealth operations. 

The longer reload time reflects the lower reliability of silenced weapons.

Listen to the MP5SD's features, click here.

Here are the Gaming Gun Specifications

  • Magazine Capacity: 30
  • Fire Mode: Fully Auto / Semi-Auto
  • Recoil Duration: 2 seconds
  • Rate of Fire: Medium
  • Range: Short
  • Reloads: 12
  • Reload duration: 3 seconds
  • Ammo: 9mm Parabellum
  • Jam Rate: 1 / 2
  • Origin: Germany

A Scorpion or a Honey Badger (HB14) configured as a MP5SD would normally be configured at either short or medium range. 

The weapon emulation will be used in this week's Veterans Special Event, "The Heist". 

Line Art is from Deviant Art.