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Featured Emulation: M16a2

Featured Emulation - M16-A2

The gaming engine SATR3 emulates 285 different emulations from modern military weapon emulations to fantasy emulations, and gaming support roles.

Today we feature the famous long arm, the M16a2 rifle. 


The M16-A2 Rifle

This rifle is a stalwart weapon emulation in the SATR3 system. In SATR2 our gaming engine supported 4 classes of battle weapons and the M16 emulation was on its most popular. Now, SATR3 now supports 25 classes of emulation.  

  • The M16a2 is a weapon emulation in the Battlefield LIVE genre. 

 ​In fact it is the standard emulation associated with the "soldier" character in the Battlefield LIVE genre. Each soldier starts a game with 25 hit points. 

The weapon emulation, in this case, the M16A2 has a 30 round magazine capacity. It has two fire modes: burst fire and semi-auto. Its recoil number is 2. Its rate of fire is 800 per minute. It is a long range weapon. The M16A2 rifle has 6 reloads and it takes 3 seconds to reload. It's Jam Rate is 2/1. The rifle offers 6 points of damage. 

A Battlefield Sports gaming gun model, such as a Morita SAW with this weapon emulation has a default configuration of long range. Alternatively use a SATR-AIR unit and attach that to an M16 airsoft rifle.

Here are the Gaming Gun Specifications

  • Magazine Capacity: 30 
  • Fire mode: semi-auto / burst fire 
  • Recoil: 2
  • Rate of Fire: High 800
  • Range: long
  • Reloads: 6
  • Reload duration: 3 seconds
  • Jam Rate: 2/1
  • Weapon Damage rate: 6P
  • Origin: USA

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