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Featured Emulation: Commando

Featured Emulation: Commando Carbine

Commando Mark II

The laser tag system SATR3 has more than 350 emulations. Today we feature the Commando Carbine emulation. Listen to its specs, click here. The Commando Carbine falls in the rifle category. 

The New Commando Carbine - Mark III

The Commando is classed as a rifle and can emulate...

  • BFS Commando
  • M1 carbine
  • MP-44

Pictured here is the Commando Mark III model.

This brand new Battlefield Sports line-up has been revealed today, with the announcement of an all-new 2013 Commando model to join their gaming gun range.

"Battlefield Sports offered gamers a preview of the next generation Commando on our facebook page, ahead of its official global rollout," Battlefield Sports Marketing C.O. Nicole Lander said.

commando stock outThe Commando gaming gun is the first entry in Battlefield Sports 2013 Series of tournament grade gaming guns designed for exceptional performance and durability.

"While the new Commando gaming gun will make its public debut in Australia, we're pleased to provide a first glimpse of the dramatic all-new model," she said.

"The Commando's new styling will be offered in the standard-issue color of hammerburst black a textured powder-coating."

Designed in Australia, the new Commando marks a change for Battlefield Sports in terms of design and technology, with its distinctive and dynamic style.

The Commando Mark III is set to spice up the gaming gun segment, as one of the most powerful and robust gaming gun models in its class.

The new Commando comes standard with the SATR Optik Sensors and its world-famous Predator Targeting System.

Battlefield Sports' new targeting system features a triple muzzle flash. The new muzzle flash now has three juxtaposed LEDs that are evenly placed around the center infrared emitter.

Inspired by the Predator in Alien vs Predator franchise, with this you get three LEDs.

This actually helps gamers aim, because the muzzle flash is now centered. Further operators can now change the muzzle color by changing a plug.

Operators can select either red, blue, white hyper-bright flash, or no flash.

"We're offering a progressive-looking product backed by proven technology. We are confident the new guns are going to turn some heads," said Nicole.

The new Commando gun model epitomizes Battlefield Sports' long-standing hallmarks of outstanding commercial vigor, gamer comfort, and quality.

The Commando Improved Features & Specs

The Commando Carbine Mark III features lots of improvements:

  • the stock has gone back to the original metal stock for strength
  • stronger aluminum and added fixing points for strength
  • wider top handle for strength and easier access for repairs and re-assembly
  • textured powder coating to minimize scratching and peeling    
  • resin gun sensor for reliability (because the sensor is close to the front of the gaming gun it is more likely to be damaged)
  • improved antenna housing and location for protection to the antenna    
  • magnification of 46mm dia. F=158mm lens is about 2.5X, this is a narrower, longer beam for extended range.

Gun Class - Rifle

In the SATR menus, the Commando is the default rifle spec and appears as the first option. Here are its specs:

  • Magazine capacity - 30
  • Reloads - 12
  • Fire modes - FA / SA
  • Recoil - 2
  • Rate of Fire - 330
  • Reload Time - 5
  • Jam Rate - 3/3 - this is "off" by default

In summary, it takes 5 seconds to reload and comes with 12 spare magazines.

The Commando has been the standard-issue carbine by Battlefield Sports since 2004. This model is currently only available under a limited edition, special order arrangement. It is designed to function as a typical modern carbine.