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Featured Emulation: Automatic Pistol

SATR3 has more than 350 different emulations. This live-action gaming engine uses mission props, like gaming guns with different emulations to run thrilling live-action gaming scenarios. Within the Battlefield ROYALE theme, the emulations are inspired by video games rather than specific weapons you'd find in the real world. When playing a game in the Battlefield ROYALE theme, gamers usually start with a pistol emulation. 

The Auto Pistol comes in three different versions depending on rarity: 

  • Common (rank: 29)
  • Uncommon (rank: 24)
  • Rare (rank: 23)

Details of the Auto. Pistol

Mag Cap: 30

Fire Modes: FA, SA

Recoil: 1

ROF: 600

Range: Short

Reloads: 20

Reload Time: Common (3 seconds), Uncommon (2 seconds), Rare (2 seconds)

Damage: Common (12P), Uncommon (13P), Rare (14P)

Ammunition Type: Light Rounds

Automatic Pistols - also known as machine pistols - have been around since World World 1. They were initially issued to German artillery crews who required a self-defence weapon lighter than a rifle but more powerful than a semi-automatic pistol. 

Eventually, this exact requirement would lead to the development of the PDW (personal defence weapon). These days, machine pistols are special-purpose weapons with limited utility. PDWs and carbines have long filled their original niche. 

Additionally, since they lack shoulder stock, machine pistols can be difficult to control for all but the best shooters.