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Every Venue & Every Operator Is Unique

Every Venue & Every Operator Is Unique

Battlefield Sports is a leading supplier to the laser tag industry. We started innovating in 1999 by taking the commercial game outside. Today the patented technology is flexible to play either indoors or outdoors, as a transportable ride or a permanent indoor arena.

hick and jenniWe hope you find inspiration in our robust and flexible collection of laser tag equipment, accessories and supporting resources.

We believe in choice and product diversity because every venue and every operator is unique.

Embracing immersive gaming, we celebrate bringing a video game to life to bring you patented technology that transforms your players' everyday into an unforgettable experience.

Our laser tag equipment is currently entertaining gamers worldwide in a wide variety of settings from Cruise Ships and Family Entertainment Centers to Summer Camps and Adventure Parks.

Whether your business is indoors or outdoors our laser tag equipment is designed to turn up the thrill factor while ensuring safety and scalability.

Having sold to more than 450 customers around the world, Battlefield Sports has contributed to the success of businesses from Australia to the United States from Canada to Chile, and many others across businesses from Europe and Asia.

Our consultants can help you harness your business goals to complement your organization's theme.

Why invest in a Laser Tag business? Simple, because a laser tag business is a stable and predictable, and it is a cash-based enterprise that offers a compelling return on investment.