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Every Child Wins A Prize - A Winning Formula

Every Child Wins A Prize - A Winning Formula For Building Your Laser Tag Business

every child wins a prizeWhile some may not agree with the "every child wins a prize" concept, creating an environment where your gamers feel like winners is important.

It is a vital element in creating happy memories for laser tag gamers. 

The Battlefield Sports philosophy is "every game, every gamer". In order words we believe creating the best possible experience for all players.

In a standard public session (i.e a session where lots of gamers from different groups all play together to compete in mock battles) is 2 hours in duration.

During the session we run 4 x 15 minute missions. This is usually 2 x domination games plus 2 x rush games. To find out how to run these battle missions, download the free Battlefield LIVE Basic Games Handbook, click here

We usually run with Team A vs Team B. So at least 50% of the group wins each round. If after the first round one team, say Team A, is thrashed we will subtly tweak the system so Team B is handicapped. The gamers are not aware of this (and neither are the parents!). Our goal is that Team A will win at least one round.  

(UPDATE: The only exception to this rule of thumb is the new “Battle Royale LIVE” game. With the popularity of FORTNITE and PUBG we often play a Battle Royale style game. Basically, the field of play starts out quiet large and has the game goes on the field of play shrinks so the players are drawn into close quarters combat. Even with this winner-takes-all survival type game we play in squads or duos as well as every gamer for themselves!) 

While it doesn't happen 100% of the time, we endeavor, if Team A has won the first 3 rounds, then Team B (at least) will win the last. 

Horror Entertainment & Sweets 

During the Halloween season instead, we run family friendly "zombie wars". This becomes the standard format throughout October at our four battlefields. 

During these zombie wars session we run 2 x zombie domination + 2 x zombie survivor games and every child gets a treat! (This is a little bag of sweets with our logo on it. Remember: Every Child Gets A Prize, yeah!) 

To find out how to run these zombie missions, download the free Battlefield UNDEAD Game Handbook, click here

How Do You Ensure That Every Child Wins A Prize

The SATR laser tag system enables the Battlefield Operator to subtly adjust the players' gaming gun settings using the Master Controller. This is a judgement call.

Here's the scenario you are planning to play 2 x Domination & 2 x Death Match. Say you are running an outdoor forest game and everybody starts with 5HP Standard Difficulty. After the first 2 Domination Games Team A has won both rounds. With a zap of the Master Controller you switch Team A to 5HP Hard Mode, you will also need to set the health back to 5HP because the default hit point in hard mode is 3HP.

If that doesn't work then you can switch the loosing team (Team B) onto 5HP Easy Mode for the last round.

In the scenario where you plan to play 2 x Domination & 2 x Rush because Rush is always played twice it is best if Team A has won one and Team B has won one round. In other words, they have both won one Domination each. Rush is then the decider.

So if Team A has lost the first Domination round then switch Team B onto 5HP Hard before starting round 2. If it is clear that despite this, Team A is still losing the second round of Domination, then subtle switch Team A over to 5HP Easy -- you can do this during the game play.

If Team A has still lost. Then we would during the interval then you can re-organize the make-up of the team players. So you can also reallocate some players from Team B over to Team A. This should even up the skill levels of the gamers.

Connecting With Your Brand

What we do at laser tag is an entertainment, not a sport. 

It’s different if you are running a Monday Night League or competitive “Clan Wars”. You can have a "take no prisioners" approach. However even when we do run tournaments our Clan Wars they are always played with 5 gamers in a team.

I've found that many people connect electronically nowadays, with Facebook check-ins etc / Instagram / snapchat, etc. If the gamers have a sense of "winning" then they will more likely engage with your brand. 

Old-school flyers often get junked. But if there is a purpose to the flyer, or a special coupon then they can work well. The other thing we do is that the Birthday Child gets a Certificate which is, in fact, a free pass to come back & play again. This works really well because it is only a single pass so 9 times out of 10 they'll bring a friend when they book in again. 

Battlefield Sports Battlefield Operators can download this Certificate from the Battlefield Sports University