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Event DNA

Event DNA - Building Blocks to Successful Bookings

successful bookings Every event has three common factors:

  • a budget;
  • a date; and
  • an organizer.

These are the basic elements, the basic building blocks, the DNA of successful bookings in your Battlefield Operation.

It is important to set your prices to meet the market you are targeting.

Consider Their Budget

Corporate team-building events will naturally include added extras compared to the budget-conscious kids’ party market.

Kids' birthday parties are much more price-sensitive so a budget offering may suit them better.

Extras for corporate team-building exercises may include camo outfit rental or food and beverage packages.

Consider the Date

The date is critical to get over procrastination.

A lot of people would like to play Battlefield LIVE ‘one day’ but without a reason to do it NOW, that day may never come.

church group booking Deadlines include birthdays, wedding dates, or end of the year/Christmas parties.

Consider the Organizer

The organizer is paramount.

She (or he) is our V.I.P. She (or he) makes the whole event happen, or not.

This is why many fields offer event organizer incentives.

Overall, consider your event DNA for each of your key target markets and you'll be guaranteed for many more successful battlefield bookings.

Conclusion on the DNA of Events

Organizing out-of-home entertainment requires three elements: a budget and a deadline, and above all an organizer. For successful customer service in the entertainment sector, you've got to look after the organizer.