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Entrepreneurship at Play - Lessons On The Start Up Journey

Before Nicole Lander became a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of an international export company, and before she was recognized by Telstra’s Business Women’s Awards, she didn’t really know much about manufacturing play equipment.

“When I initially founded Battlefield Sports I was actually not familiar with supply chains and manufacturing,” Lander explained.
entrepreneurship business start up “I learned a lot about fulling customer orders and about research and development on the job.”

Starting a business can be challenging.

But the faster you get your idea to market, the faster you can get feedback from real customers and the faster you can get your return on investment.

"The feedback loop is really important, listen to your customers and end-users, this feedback will inspire your next innovation," she said.

After growing up in a family of civil servants innovating outdoor laser tag and starting laser tag export business was a bit out of left field.

“It just goes to show that you don’t have to be an engineer or programmer to succeed in the ITC industry. Just believe in your business concept, start somewhere, and follow your passion,” she said.

Lander says she has learned four key lessons in her start up journey as a female entrepreneur.

1. Believe In Your Idea? Act Fast

Do you know that your idea is viable? If you have researched your market and believe your idea is workable then don't hesitate. Act fast. Test your idea in your marketplace.

"Once you commit to starting a laser tag business, start fast," she said.

Some consider the laser tag industry to be a man’s world so often women have to go the extra mile to be taken seriously, Lander said.

But the only way things will change is by more women entering the combat entertainment sector.

2. Avoid Costly Mistakes

During the early stages of setting up a laser tag business one of the biggest hurdles is trying to save enough money or access enough finance to launch.

Seek out info from reputable suppliers and mentors.

“Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, in fact it makes savvy business sense,” she said.

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3. Invest in Legal Advice

There are lots of steps to run through before you can open your doors; from registering your business and opening a business bank account, to setting up your web site.

Lander says it is important to invest in an attorney to protect your idea and establish an intellectual property framework that suits your business.

"Consider registering your business name as a trademark and register the associated domain names. Also consider your social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram handles," she said.

4. Be Prepared for Set-backs But Savor The Successes

Working in the business world can be challenging Lander says. She had to deal with IP theft and expensive legal battles and other challenges along her business journey.

But there have also been many successes along the journey.

“The thing is that I’m still here, fighting the good fight. My team is going from strength to strength. We are looking forward to the latest innovations we have in the pipeline," she said.

"Being able to work with my family has been terrific," she said. Nicole works with her husband Peter and both of Nicole's teenage children work in the Battlefield Sports business.

"It is an exciting time to be in business,” she said.