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Entrepreneurs: Let me ask you a Question

Gaming Entrepreneurs: Can I ask you a question?

Did you invest? 

You saw the news. 

The stock market is going crazy. 

Game Stop Corporation stock rose 4,779.22% year on the year 2020 vs 2021. 

Likewise, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc stocks rose by 1,109.69%. 

Meaning if you purchased stock in AMC for $5 and then it sky-rocketed to $62, you'd be smiling. 

Again, if you bought Game Stop stock when it was only $10 or $11 last year.  And then watched it surge to $347 each you'd be laughing. 

But you didn't. 

And now you've got FOMO.

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You keep hearing about crypto, you are hearing about bitcoin. You're hearing about amazing stock runs. 

Every night you are racking your brains trying to work out how to make money. 

I'll bet you nickels to navy beans that next month (or next quarter) there will be some other #memestock enjoying a meteoric rise on the stock market.

You're wondering: "Why can't I get on the money-making bandwagon? Why can't I get rich!?"

But those stocks are really gambling, my friends.

For GME stock what if you bought the stock at $62? Then it dropped to less than $50. 

Or how about, for AMC, you'd be crying because a month after its peak when it plummeted to around $40. Do you really want to gamble with the future for yourself and your family? 

Don't gamble with the future for your children. 

Why not bet on something you have control over? 

Bet On Something You Can Control

Like your own small business! 

Maybe you’ve been considering starting your own live-action gaming business for a while. 

Maybe you love video games and the great outdoors. 

And, just maybe, after the roller-coaster year that was COVID, you reckon it is time to take action. Turn your passion into your profession. 

Did you know you can set up your own laser tag business, even as a side-hustle, in 100 days or less? Battlefield Sports has a framework that will give you an exact step-by-step guide of how to start a business using our Laser Tag equipment. We have helped hundreds of businesses start up and/or expand their business in more than 50 countries. 

Our new live-action gaming is the very latest trend in small business start-ups. 

It is underpinned by the current trends in live-action gaming technology. Battlefield Sports offers you patented and flexible technology. Once you’re embedded your business in your local community, you will have a cash generator that works every weekend, month in, month out for you and your family. 

You can't do that with a rollercoaster stock market. 

Go on, do something you can control. 

Don't put your family at risk, click below and complete the Adventure Quiz. 

Discover if you are ready to arm yourself for adventure! Take the Quiz, click here.

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p.s. I don’t have anything against investing in blue-chip shares.