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Enhancing Game Play With SATR3.1

Latest Software Release 

Digital Laser Tag System Gets Better with New Software Version SATR3.1

New Software Release: SATR3.1

Since we launched our first digital laser tag system (SATR1) a lot has changed.

But the fundamentals of the game, such as real-time hit-feedback so you know you've got them, remain the same. Launching SATR3 this year we have listened to Battlefield Operators and Gamers worldwide to implement a universal Live Action Role Play gaming system. 

The latest version is SATR3.1 has some new features.

These new features are:

  • re-spawn by radio
  • self-spawn
  • find command improvement -- now there's an un-find override
  • turn on/off automatic reload on any difficulty level
  • post-game phrases.

Re-Spawn By Radio

In the previous SATR software versions of the laser tag system enabled gamers re-spawned by pressing a button on the medic box. Or gamers could lean towards the medic box and it automatically re-spawned that player, i.e. the spawn-bot. Both these methods are via infrared. Now with the new release SATR3.1 the system now also re-spawns via the digital radio signal. 

This means that the gamers just need to be in the vicinity of the medic box. Gamers do need to get in close, around one or two yards (around a meter) to the medic box. But they don't need to lead over to have their sensor facing the medic box emitter. 

This re-spawn by radio is applicable for medic boxes, combination boxes and rush boxes.

SATR software 3.1


The latest version of the SATR software enable self-spawns. In other words Battlefield Operators can pre-set gamers to respawn for a set period of time (such as 5 seconds) after the player has been killed or de-activated. 

Self-spawn means that gamers don't even need to use a medic box because their gaming gun will automatically re-spawn itself after a set period of time. You can select from in one second increments from 3 seconds to 10 seconds, then to 12 seconds, 15 seconds and then in increments of 5 seconds up to 60 seconds. Then after 60 seconds the next interval is 90 seconds, then 120 seconds, 180 seconds up to 240 seconds. After that it is set to "unlimited" in order words the gamers need to respawn themselves at their medic box. 

This feature is also useful if you are running a Haunted Attraction with Zombie actors. Interactive haunted attractions such as zombie laser tag has grown in popularity in recent years. This new features means haunted attraction operators can manage the zombie actors easier. Here's how it can work, the zombies actors can deliver their scene for the first group of Haunted House patrons and then, say, 3 minutes later their melee units which are secreted into their zombie costumes automatically re-set so they are ready the thrill and scare the next group through. 

Turning On/Off Automatic Reload

In previous SATR software versions the difficulty level determined whether or not a unit would automatically re-load itself. If the unit was set to "easy" then the gaming gun would automatically reload. In some cases, however, a Battlefield Operators might want to set the gaming gun on Standard or Hard or even Legendary difficulty level but enable automatic reloads. Now you can. 

The ability to turn on or off the automatic reload has been added to the system. This ability to re-set this has been added to Uncommon Menu Settings. 

Improving the Find Command

One of the new features of SATR3 is the "find" command. With SATR3.1 this new command has been improved. Now there is an "in-find" override. If you have a forest battlefield or playing across a large area, a gamer can accidentally leave a gaming gun out in the field. Now with the new FIND command, operators using the Master Controller can get all units to issue a SFX so you can easily find the missing unit. However, if can operators accidentally issues this command you can override it with an "in-find" command. So the siren sound effect stops. 

Improving the Radio Repeater

The new software version SATR3.1 now has a new feature on the radio repeater. A Battlefield Operator can set the radio repeater to re-transmit the hit-feedback signal. This is useful if the gaming area has dense terrain or if players are really spread out. 


Post-Game SFX Phrases

In-Game and Post-Game sound effects help Battlefield Operators communicate with their gamers. These are very useful for the players to understand what is going on in the event. This is very helpful, especially if you have a large playing area. 

Read the blog on the game sound effects, here