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Domination & Dungeon Raids To Celebrate A 21st

A Medieval 21st Costume Party Includes Dungeon Raids

SATR3 technology has lots of support for the Fantasy genre. For the Zabrynn's 21st medieval costume party we added Battlefield Fantasy Domination Games and a Dunegon Raid. 

shielf maidens


The first game was a simple team domination but instead of guns, we used the new Crossbows. Crossbows have great range and damage but need to be reloaded each time, so you really had to take time to aim!  Fighting was close quarters, the battlefield utilized our patented inflatable designs to create a dungeon that extending through the garage and out into the driveway.     


For the Team Death Match (TDM), players could select from the pre-defined Fantasy characters. The selections were as follows

The melee packs are designed for very short range attacks by digital radio. Range is around 1 meter or 1 yard.

The Blasters were used by any player whose primarily attack was ranged attack other than a bow.

Zabrynn AKA CO Hunter played the Rogue character, she had great success with the “Dodge” where 50% of the hits on her, counted as misses!  Unlike other armor, Dodge does not absorb damage.

The wizard with the fireball spell, which works a lot like an high explosive RPG attack was really dangerous, definitely recommend restricting each team to one Wizard! 
The healer could use healing and raise dead to reduce the spawn count for their team, a big asset in a TDM.

The War Hammer has a stun effect and does 5 points of crushing damage. The Blacksmith also have Chain Mail armor, making this a very effective melee fighter.

Fighters can use their shield to absorb a lot of damage while they close for melee range. Plate Mail is also the best armor.


For this the characters banded together to clear the dungeon of Wraiths. This picked up the intensity.  Here the Priest character is critical, with the turn undead being able to stun the Wraiths!

Wraiths are especially powerful undead, they start with 60 hit points. Whenever they kill a character they gain 10 more hit points.  A Wraith touch stuns the character for 3 seconds and does 6 points of slashing damage. In our scenario, nearly everyone wanted to be a wraith!

If you wanted to run with a Battlefield UNDEAD theme then as alternative we could have run is self-respawning Zombies. Monsters can set to automatically respawn themselves after a set period of time. The idea is to put in a treasure box into the area, the adventures have to try to kill the Zombies, get as much treasure as possible and then escape before the Zombies come back to life.

For more info on how to run the Battlefield Fantasy games, email Peter [peter@battlefieldsports.com]


Players could select from the pre-defined fantasy characters:

CharacterQuantity Per TeamCaseEmulationsArmor
Fighter2MeleeLong Sword
Shield with Spike
Plate Mail
Priest1BlasterBattle Axe
Cure Light Wounds
Energy Bolt
Turn Undead
Find Traps
Chain Mail
Burning Heands
Lightning Bolt
Fire Ball
No Armor
Healer1MeleeUnarmed Combat
Cure Serious Wounds
Raise Dead
No Armor
Blacksmith2MeleeWar Hammer
Chain Mail
ArcherUnlimitedCrossbow    Long Bow
Leather (Torso only)
Rogue1BlasterShort Sword
Throwing Knife/Crossbow
Remove Traps
Pick Pocket
Dodge Armor
CrossbowUnlimitedCrossbow     CrossbowChain Mail