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Domination - A Classic Multiplayer Game

Domination Game - A Classic Multiplayer Game

The Domination Game is where one clan seeks to control or dominate a point on the battlefield. This is a classic multiplayer game. 

multiplayer domination gameTwo clans face off against each other to capture and hold between one, three, or five objectives. Gamers are challenged to secure an area of operation. 

Deploy the Battlefield Sports gaming prop - the Domination Box for the best multiplayer experience.

The mission objective is to control a point on your battlefield.

For small groups (6 to 50 players) or for larger groups (51 - 150 players) deploy three Domination Games. For really big groups (150+ players) deploy five Dom Boxes. 

The Battlefield Sports Domination Box can be controlled by a gamer pushing a button, or shooting the sensor on the top of the box. For large multiplayer games, it is best to set the box on the "shoot to control" mode that way there is the least risk of players knocking into one another. 

Gamer Tactics to Win at the Domination Box

Call out enemy positions and check where the rest of your clan are. Anticipate your opponent's tactics and movement. 

Pay attention to which clan currently controls the Domination Box. If the box is flashing blue then the Bravo Team is in control. If the box is flashing red then the Alpha Team is in control.

The computer inside the Dom Box times how long each team is in control. If there are 3 boxes deployed one clan needs to control at least 2 of the 3 boxes to win. Planing to dominate all three boxes may spread your forces too thinly and might backfire. 

Likewise, if there are 5 boxes deployed a clan needs to control at least 3 of the 5 boxes. 

The game plays out over a set time period, such as 10 minutes. Gamers have unlimited respawns at their clan base camp. 

Teamwork is important to achieve your clan's mission objective. 

Quick reactions, such as quick target acquisition via the red-dot scope, are also a key to winning in domination. 

In the standard domination game friendly fire is off. So gamers from bravo cannot hit others from the bravo squad, they can only shoot gamers from the alpha team. 

For a hardcore version, Battlefield Operators can turn on friendly fire.