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Creating the Best Experience at Your Events with Quick Resets

The battlefield business attracts all kinds of gamers and occasions for them to play. 

From kids to the young-at-heart. 
From teen birthday parties to school camps. 
From sport team breakups to corporate team building.

Everyone loves live-action gaming!

As a battlefield operator, it can be daunting to know how and when to set your equipment to provide the best customer experience. The SATR3 system offers a myriad of ways to customize the gaming experience and cater to your players. One of the ways it does this through Resets. These Resets change a range of settings on the target device at once, including team, hit-light color, language, volume, theme and more.

Savvy operators use these resets to quickly set up their laser tag guns and gaming equipment. 

Waste no time before your session fiddling with the settings. Instead, we recommend using the Reset closest to your requirements before every session, and then making any necessary changes from there.

For example, for our woodland battlefields we set the volume on our devices to High (as opposed to the standard Medium) as the gamers will be playing over a large battlefield. The High Volume setting makes it easier for them to hear each other and their hit-feedback.

So what are the resets and when should you use them?

There are more than 200 resets across the 12+ themes offered in SATR3; however, most operators will only need to use a handful. Here’s when to use the 6 most common resets!

Download the Comprehensive Re-sets User Guide here.

Battlefield Tag

Within Battlefield Tag (traditional Laser Tag) there are two types of Resets to look out for. The first is the most family friendly option: Phaser (Red) and Phaser (Blue).

You can find these within Common Settings on your controller under Reset.

When to use the Phaser resets?

  • the majority of the players are aged between 5 and 7 years old

  • primary school groups (including school camps)

  • vacation cares

  • fetes, fairs, and festivals

What are the benefits of this setting?

The Phaser Reset leans away from anything militaristic. The “shooting” sound effect resembles a zap or a pew from a sci-fi phaser (hence the name!). When players are “hit” their tagger makes no sounds to indicate pain – instead players hear a recording. Either “You’re Tagged” or “You’re Deactivated”. 

This Reset is also focused on keeping everything simple and clear for the players. This includes health points. Every player has 5 health points and, because Battlefield Tag uses Basic Damage, they must always be tagged five times before they are out.

When a player runs out of these health points, whenever they pull the trigger, their tagger will play the sound effect: “You’re Deactivated Return to Base”. This helps young players remember their next step. Young kids will often not absorb everything you say in the briefing and this feature helps keep them in the game and having FUN!

The second reset you’ll find in the Common Settings is that of the Commando.

When to use the Commando resets?

  • the majority of the players are aged between 8 and 9 years old

  • For high school students participating in a school event, especially senior school (grades 10 – 12)

  • Church or youth groups

What are the benefits of this setting?

The commando resets are very similar to the Phaser resets, however! they have one important change: the shooting SFX. 

The Commando, as the name implies, takes a step back towards a “live video game”. The shooting sound effect is that of a gun. So instead of pew-pew it’s bang-bang.

This reset is ideal for straddling the line between family friendly and giving your players a live video game experience. This is necessary for some events. For example, often schools are hesitant to have anything to do with “guns” but high school students won’t engage without a more serious sound effect. 

Battlefield Royale

This reset is all about bringing the experience of first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Fortnite into a live game.

The primary reset to use for this theme is simply called “Gun”.

When to use the Gun resets?

  • the majority of the players are aged 10 & up

  • sports team breakups

  • team building / bonding events

What are the benefits of this setting?

To engage modern gamers, you must take inspiration from modern video games. Players want to play “Fortnite for Real”.

This reset works in tandem with the Supply Crate setting on our Utility Boxes. Unlike with the previous resets, Battlefield Royale has dynamic damage. Every player has 100 Health Points – some weapons do as little as 20 points of damage, while others do close to 90!

Players can collect virtual upgrades from the Supply Crate which will improve their health points, heal damage they’ve taken, or upgrade their weapon.

Gamers will get hit-feedback SFX like: “Hit” “Wound” “Kill”.

Quick Resets - Summing Up

The SATR3 software offers a huge variety of gaming emulations. 

Within the battlefield business, you will entertain all kinds of groups. Using the “rare settings” you can cater for just about any group! 

But often the Battlefield Operator is short on time.

We have created a series of short-cuts or “resets” to quick set the configuration with the sound effects, hit points, etc that’s appropriate for your group.

There are six common resets to tailor your events to them (without wasting time fiddling around with rare settings)!

Let us know which of these Resets you use the most often.