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Convert from a SMG to an Assault Rifle

HB14 Gaming Gun Review - Convert form a SMG to an Assault Rifle

David Pointing from Battlefield Sports in Oxford, UK reviews the two in one HB14 gaming gun.

When Battlefield Sports asked Battlefield Operators which model they would like us to produce, operators told us that they wanted a cool looking, realistic feel, milsim themed gaming gun.

Battlefield operators gave us feedback that they wanted a light weight Sub Machine Gun, suitable for younger gamers.

Battlefield operators also wanted a new, cool, assault rifle.

So Battlefield Sports designed a new milsim SMG that could convert simply and easily to a assault rifle.

"I think we nailed it," said David Pointing.


Honey Badger SMG to Assault Rifle - the Upgrade Process

If you order the standard sub machine gun version there is no fore-grip, no stock and no sling. This is this models lightest combo and suitable for younger gamers. The base model only weights 2.65kg or 5¾ pounds.

For awesome flexibility, Battlefield operators can customize the Honey Badger.

honey badger duo The Honey Badger upgrade kit include a fore-grip, an after market (airsoft) stock and adapter plate, and a sling and eye-closure as the attachment piece. You can order order the fore-grip and sling from Battlefield Sports. The stock is after market.

It is easy to convert the Honey Badger from a SMG to an assault rifle. Here are the options:

  • Honey Badger with Sling - 2.8kg or 6.1 pounds.
  • Honey Badger with Grip - 2.75kg or 6 pounds
  • Honey Badger with sling and grip - 2.85kg or 6⅓ pounds
  • Honey Badger with sling and grip and stock - 3.5kg or 7.7 pounds (depending on which aftermarket stock selected).

The first step is to remove the aluminum back plate. The second step is fit the after market stock on the back. Next attach the fore-grip to the underslung picatinny rail and tighten. Finally clip on the sling to the eye closure attachment point.

"If you are looking to invest in new laser tag equipment that gives you the flexibility to convert from an SMG to an assault rifle then the HB14 is definitely for you," said David.

Contact David (david@battlefieldsports.com) or your local consultant to see what we can do for you.