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Connecting Women in Manufacturing

Women in Business

Connecting Women in Manufacturing 

Special Event

A Women in Manufacturing event will be held on June 26th at the Battlefield Sports Headquarters in Shailer Park.

The manufacturing sector is vital to growing and diversifying Queensland’s economy and creating future jobs.

Attracting highly skilled women into the sector will be increasingly important to the State's economic success.

connecting women in manufacturing

Gender Diversity in Manufacturing

Diversity in the workforce drives innovation and idea generation. Battlefield Sports will host this special event.

This event will feature a panel of prominent female trailblazers from the manufacturing industry.

  • Nicole Lander, Chief Fun Officer, Battlefield Sports, a laser tag equipment manufacturer
  • Kerrie Richards, co-Founder, Merino Country, a textile manufacturer, and fashion house.

Conversations and insights will cover topics such as the future of manufacturing, innovation, and the importance of women to industry's growth.  

Solving manufacturing problems needs diversity of thought, skill, and background. Queensland manufacturing businesses contribute more than $20 billion to our State’s economy. 

Around 1 in 4 manufacturers in the State are women and we hope to see this number grow through our ‘Women in Manufacturing’ initiative and other programs. It is important to encourage women to contribute to this evolving sector. 

Women in Manufacturing networking seminars and networking events highlight the importance of mentoring the next generation of women in industry.

Click here for more information about the Women in Manufacturing program.