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Clever Solutions To Create Laser Tag Playing Fields

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Battlefield Business Trends - Laser Tag Maze Design 

The Battlefield Sports' brand of Live-Action Gaming is a modern twist on Laser Tag. 

At its most basic, Laser Tag is a shooting game. 

Like all shooting games, it is about out-smarting your opponents. It is kind of like high-tech hide-and-seek. 

So having obstacles to hide behind that are in theme (and are robust!) is very important. 

You need clever and practical solutions. 

Indoor / Outdoor Laser Tag

Some Battlefield Operators run a mobile operation and some operate from fixed fields.

Fixed fields can consist of built environments or use natural woodlands. 

If Operators are mobile then they need to create a "pop-up" maze. 

But all Operators need a series of props for the gamers to hide behind.

Using portable props, like inflatables or hides, give Battlefield Operators lots of flexibility. 

inflatable maze


In a recent survey, Battlefield Operators from seven countries were surveyed. Feedback was gathered from the 

  • USA
  • Australia 
  • the United Kingdom 
  • the Caribbean
  • Denmark
  • New Zealand, and 
  • Belgium.

Operators were asked, "How Do You Create Your Outdoor Maze?"

Here are the results:

  • Built Battlefield - 33.3%
  • Natural Forest - 19%
  • Inflatables - 19%
  • Pop-Up Hides - 4.8%
  • All of the Above - 23.8%
outdoor laser tag


If Operators have a fixed field, they can invest in building gaming props that do not need to be constantly moved. 

In this case, Operators can create an epic battlefield with movie-like props. 

Battlefields around the world have invested in helicopters, school buses, and miniature castles. 

Sometimes Operators have been lucky to find a fantastic location, rather than building their own maze. Some even have used WW2 bunkers and abandoned colonial jails.

Check out one of the playing fields from Shoot to Thrill in Copenhagen.

built battlefield


Natural woodlands can be a great place to play. The cool thing about a forest is that is always growing and changing.

"I find playing in a jungle rainforest really thrilling," said Nicole Lander, Battlefield Sports.

When searching for a playing area in a natural setting try to go for terrain that consists of some 'old-growth' forest. In other words, where most of the trees have substantial trunks (wider than a player's head!).

Check out the jungle battlefield Laser Skirmish Gold Coast Hinterland in Australia.

rainforest battlefield


Inflatables have a wide variety of all shapes and sizes.

Inflatables can be used indoors or outdoors. 

The original inflatables were used in Speedball / Paintball.

The popular choices were bricks, cones, and Doritos (sometimes referred to as pyramids).

Transportable ride attractions often use continuous air-blowing inflatables like Bounce Houses / Jumping Castles.

More recently these continuous-air inflatables have also been made to resemble a ninja warrior obstacle course.

Battlefield Sports innovated and created realistic-sized doorways, windows and walls. These are still used in many battlefields around the world.

inflatbles for mobile laser tag


Shooting from a pop-up hide (also called a wildlife blind) is a great way to get close and create an interesting temporary playing field.

While hides can be used outdoors, we've found they are best suited for an indoor setting. Because they can be blown over if it gets too windy. 

Hides are a great way to create an interesting, but easy-to-transport, maze.

Hides, like inflatables, can come in a variety of colors.

The camouflage (camo) pattern is a popular choice. 

Hides are usually weatherproof and flexible.

They twist when folded, fitting into a compact carrying bag.



"Our Battlefield Operation runs out of three fixed venues, and we also book mobile events. For our mobile laser tag events, we use inflatables to create a pop-up maze. For small events use small shapes like bricks and cones. For bigger events we also use large inflatables like the doorways, windows and walls," said Nicole Lander, Chief Fun Officer, Laser Skirmish.

Whichever style of the battlefield is used - inflatables, hides, built battlefields or nature forests - each has its own clever ways to create new live-action gaming experiences.

How does your local battlefield create its maze?

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