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Challenge For Charity

Challenge for Charity Part of What's Up Downunder's Convoy for Charity 

whats up downunder tvThe team of "What's Up Downunder" TV Show, as part of the Convoy For Challenge, duked it out in a series of challenges. 

The TV crew visited Hedgend Maze in Healseville. This Hedgend Maze enables you to enjoy mini golf, the famous 1.2km hedge maze, and, of course, outdoor laser tag. 

Here you can experience a live adrenaline-fueled version of Call of Duty in an outdoor battlefield. 

Laser Sport is a combination of a modern video game and military training scenario, where gamers work with an emphasis on tactics, stealth, and strategy in order to achieve your team's mission objective.

The team from What's Up Download got dressed in camo gear, had their faces painted, and where issues with laser tag guns. 

Tania and Macca chose their teams. 

This was a challenge for charity, so it was important to get "down & dirty" and into character. 

The day's challenge was the best of 3 "Team Death Match" games. Each game had a 5-minute duration. 

"Laser Tag in Heaseville was always going to be a good afternoon," said Macca. 

laser tag as seen on tv"We hand-picked our teams from the convoy and off we went. Off to war! Within a split second, it was on. Everyone was running around going crazy. It was heaps of fun!"

"We all had a lot of fun, we were running, army crawling, hiding behind trees and laying on the ground trying to take out the other team," said Macca.

"This is a great team-building exercise if you are looking for one. It takes coordination, communication, and teamwork to win (skill is a bonus if you have it)!" said Tania. 

Watch the video, here

In association with the Caravan Industry Association Victoria, the Convoy for Charity is raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.