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Celebrity Endorsement for Live Gaming

Battlefield LIVE + Celebrity Endorsements

A celebrity endorsement can help you create an emotional connection to your brand.dolph lundgren

In a crowded market teeming with a plethora of entertainment options celebrity endorsements can help your brand stand out in the crowd.

Manufacturers of cars and clothing, laser tag equipment, and everything in between have sort out famous people to help promote their products. Most often the celebrity appears in a TV commercial or makes an appearance at a launch event, but even simply being known to use a particular product will help catapult it to the stratosphere of popularity.

There is good evidence to support that celebrity endorsements can skyrocket a product from obscurity to statewide or even nationwide recognition.

Examples of Celebrity + Battlefield LIVE

"McLeod's Daughters" television star, Simmone Jade Mackinnon aka Stevie Hall and screen hunk, Aaron Jeffery who played bad boy Alex Ryan teamed up with the rest of the cast for an on-screen battle as a unique way to celebrate their characters' stag' and hens' celebration. Re-runs and DVD sales of the TV drama have continued the benefits of this celebrity endorsement.

Reporter Ben Dark from prime time travel show "Getaway" is well-known as cheeky and lovable rouge who is at home roving around the Australian outback on horses and motorbikes and presenting at Black-Tie events. His review of "Laser Skirmish" kick-started the popularity of the sport in Australia.

The local web site received 70,000 hits the first hour after the show went to air.

More recently famous tough-guy Dolph Lungren recreated the movie magic using SATR gaming guns. Famous for his roles in action movies like Universal Solider, Rocky, and 007, as well as the sci-fi classic Johnny Mnemonic, Dolph's reality TV show "race to the scene" pits teams against each other in challenge that re-create memorable movie moments.  

Questions to Ask when Considering Celebrity Endorsements

Influential actors, models, singers, athletes, and reality stars try to influence us and celebrity endorsements can be effective.
If you are considering a celebrity endorsement to promote your Battlefield Business then there are some questions to consider.

  • How much clout does a celebrity have with your audience?
  • And how prone to influence is your audience? Will the endorsement have longevity or have the lifespan of a mayfly.
  • More, where is your audience likely to be exposed to the celebrity's endorsement?
  • Will the celebrity endorsement be compensated or uncompensated? if compensated, what is your budget? According to Vulture Snoop Dogg makes $8,000 for a single tweet and Kim Kardashian gets paid $10,000.