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The Inspiring Story of Battleground Ranch

VoyageAustin recently interviewed the Co-Founder of Battleground Ranch in Texas, Alex Avetian.

Battleground Ranch is run by Alex and her husband Sam.

After the couple moved to Austin they started talking about the idea of using a technology Sam saw in Australia to create a new outdoor gaming experience and take laser tag to the 21st century.

That technology is SATR3 by Battlefield Sports.

Using infrared guns with this software allows them to program the gaming guns to function as whatever they want and change gun functionality during gameplay.

Their vision: create Call of Duty in real life.

Alex & Sam from Battleground Ranch
"We are not laser tag or paintball or airsoft the question is how do we explain what we do? When you say Laser Tag (the closest thing to IR Combat) the image most people have in their mind is a seven years old birthday party in an arcade. Small dark room blasting royalty-free techno music, inaccurate guns, bulky vests and in 15 minutes it’s all over," Alex said.


"So changing the public’s perception has been the biggest struggle, but everyone that experienced Battleground Ranch has been impressed with the video game-like experience and a totally different game-play they were not expecting. I think our reviews speak for themselves," she said.

Alex explains that Battleground Ranch is an IR Combat arena that recreates first-person shooter video games in real life. Imagine playing Call of Duty in real life with weapon upgrades, perks, and ammo drops.

"We utilize Infrared technology that allows Battleground Ranch to run games on 5 acres day and night with accurate guns up to 700 ft. Some game-play examples are Battle Royale, Domination, and more. Anything players are used to doing in FPS games we can recreate at Battleground Ranch."

"For advanced gamers, we can enable Friendly Fire, we can create custom characters/classes and enable specific era modes like WW2 and only allow for those types of weapons to be used," she said.

gamer with the P90 at Battleground Ranch

The team at Battleground Ranch has Mortia Snipers, Honey Badgers and more.

Battleground Ranch has a keen and growing player base.

"I’ve been here a couple of times. A lot of fun, a lot of exercises. I love going out there," said Gonzalo Herrera Jr.


Player with the Morita at Battleground Ranch

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Image Credits: Ebony Frazier

To add COD IRL to your attraction or laser tag venue, contact your local Battlefield Guru.