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How To Build a 6 Figure Live Gaming Business

Thinking of Starting a Live Gaming Business? Or Considering Expanding your Attraction Business? 

build a 6 figure live gaming businessAre you interested in starting a business as a fun side-project? Do you want to turn your passion into your profession? Your pastime into your pay-day? Then this is for you.

Ask yourself: "Why keep slaving away at a 9 to 5, making someone else rich? While your wages stagnate? Why take an extra part-time job that has no future?"

Those models are not scalable. 

Building your own business has potential. 

Live-Action Gaming offers an opportunity to build a six-figure business. 

6-Figure Mindset 

This is doable!

I know because I built my own million-dollar live-action gaming business. And if I can make it a reality, so can you. 

My team and I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, just like you. 

People like Alex, who while studying law set up a mobile live gaming business as a side-hustle. 

People like Jennifer who transformed her family farm into a center where others can share her love of having fun in the outdoors, like fishing, live gaming and archery. 

If you take one thing away from this; it is this:

* There never has been a better time to pursue your passion, to turn your passion into your profession.

Live-Action Gaming is On Trend

According to Pinterest's 2022 predictions, "party rental business ideas" is a trending search. And "mobile business ideas" is up 100%. It's all part of a new labor of love Millennial-driven trend.

turn your passion into your professionAs more and more people get access to the internet and social media via smartphones this means your opportunity is prime. 

Live-Action Gaming is not a fad. 

Live Gaming is, in fact, on-trend.

China, the US and Japan are the world's top 3 largest games markets with more than $17.7 billion in games revenues in 2018 as reported by Newzoo. 

According to City A.M., video games industry makes up half of the entire United Kingdom entertainment market. The video game industry today is worth more than double its value in a few short years.

​Role-play games and first-person shooters still make up the majority of video game franchises. And with Battlefield Sports’ equipment your customers can experience these games live. 

The story is the same in the USA, according to CNBC as technology expands so will content, products, special events and gaming tournaments.

American hedge-fund manager Samantha Greenberg said Fortnite, in particular, hits on "the zeitgeist of what appeals to tweens and teens," with its cartoonish look and elements of pop culture. The game is training an entire user base on in-game monetization and continual purchases, even after you’ve downloaded the initial game."

Billion Dollar Battle Royale 

What is the Battle Royale game you ask?

You might have heard of Fornite? It is one of the most popular video games on the planet. That's why we have created a live version with our own twist on it. 

Epic Games the developer of the Fortnite Battle Royale game, announced recently that it had made more than $1 billion from in-game revenue. 

Battle Royale is a game genre where a maximum of 100 players join a match (either alone, in pairs, or in a group of up to four) and fight to the death until the last person or squad is left standing.

Battlefield Sports gaming engine “SATR3” supports the live gameplay of Battle Royale. 

This is your opportunity to tap into the Gaming Enthusiast segment. Gaming enthusiasts are those gamers who own or have downloaded games, they play it, share it, discuss it and now with live-action role-playing they can live it. 

Some battlefield operators have grown their business to a point that they have sold their company. 

We are celebrating 20 years in the commercial laser tag business. 

You might know our story. 

We started in the unlikely place of the tropical rainforests of Australia.

We were the first to commercialize outdoor laser tag.

Fast forward 20 or so years Battlefield Sports is still the innovation leader in the sector. 

Starting my outdoor laser tag business literally changed my life.

And I know it can change yours too. 

One of the keys to success is to track a trend. You can tap into the trend of live gaming. People are loving the live gaming experience. 

It is a hot niche.

We have spent years in research and development so you get the most flexible live gaming technology on the market today. 

This patented tech can work both indoors or outdoors, with small groups or scale up to entertain hundreds of participants at once. 

What would a successful live gaming be worth to you? 

Apart from world-leading commercial live gaming equipment we offer our Battlefield Operators several bonuses. 

BONUS: Join the invitation-only Facebook group where you can bounce ideas around other Battlefield Operators. It is a place to bounce ideas off others who are not your neighbor or cousin. It is a special group where can network with other successful Battlefield Operators. 

BONUS: We have an online membership area called Battlefield Sports University. This online resource offers online training, marketing templates and image library and lots more! 

BONUS: An extra access license for your business partner to the Battlefield Sports University. Because we want you and your partner or co-founder to grow your business together.