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Boarding Party: A Sci-Fi LARP In The USA

A Sci-Fi Live Action Role Play 

Boarding Party: Experience a Live-Action Role-Play Inspired by Battlestar Galactica

An Experience That's Out Of This World

You don’t have to wait for the Battlestar Galactica reboot on NBC Universal / Comcast’s premium streaming service if you are in Michigan this November you can experience the universe yourself in a live-action role-play.

Set on the decommissioned USS Edson Forrest Sherman-Class Destroyer in Bay City, Michigan re-imagined as the space-bound starship “Ascendant Dawn” on an important mission. 


The Outbound Hope Mission is a multi-day live-action role-playing event intended to give players the realistic, immersive experience. 

Event Director, Alex Richmond from Quest Adventure Gaming in Watkins Glen, New York has created many LARPs and this latest production will feature the Battlefield Sports live gaming technology to simulate combat in real-time. 

“Outbound Hope is inspired by the Battlestar Galactica universe but this story-line has its own surprises,” said Alex Richmond, Event Director.

"We're using the live gaming weapons technology from Battlefield Sports as it adds an amazing degree of realism that you just can't get with a lot of other systems. We originally were going to use nerf rival, but when discovered your system, our production team converted pretty quickly," said Alex. 

“We love everything about the sounds, the feel... even the weight of the chassis. It adds something that you don't get with plastic foam launchers," said Alex. 

"Right now, we're planning to play with the more modern emulations because it fits our style; more of a Battlestar Galactica look and feel,” said Alex. 

The Battlefield Sports SATR3 live gaming technology enables real-time live-action combat using infrared and digital radio so it can be used both indoors or outdoors. 

The system has a special “Sci-Fi” theme that supports a range of futuristic weaponry such as ones made famous in the Battlestar Galactica franchise. 

Weapon emulations such as the L85A1 was seen in "Resistance" (S2E04) and "The Farm" (S2E05). The rifles are found by the resistance fighters on Caprica, suggesting that the SA80 was a standard issue rifle in the Colonial military.

The Heckler & Koch G36K model assault rifle was seen almost exclusively in the hands of Colonial military personnel. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace (Katee Sackhoff) was armed with the G36 in Season 2's finale "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2" (S2E20).

An Embedded Master of Arms

The live-action armory will be coordinated by local Battlefield Operator, Lee Kneeper from Mid-Michigan Laser Combat. 

“The master of arms will be an embedded referee, helping the crew, checking guns out and in as the story, and military commanders deem necessary,” said Lee Knepper, Mid-Michigan Laser Combat. 

"SATR3 is highly configurable, for this LARP we will be configuring the live gaming equipment with a relatively high hit-rate and helmet sensors. Friendly-fire may be on or off. We will also be using the live gaming accessories, Battle Boxes, to act as Medical re-spawn points with the 3 "Aids". As their emulation given to Medical Characters to micro-manage Players’ health status. We will have Voice Feedback: Off. We will be using the Simple wounds: On. This is a feature to help players live through the mission, and give medical crews something to do,” he said. 

The Laser Tag Equipment to be used:

“The Battlefield Sports Equipment will also be used as props for passive combat, as well as... politics,” said Lee. 

The live gaming SATR3 system can also simulate shields and armor. 

“We will be using one of the special features of the technology. We may be giving a random player each battle the ‘Dodge’ armor, so there would be at least one or two each game who will feel heroic,” said Lee. 

A Massive Production 

The Ascendant Dawn is a military vessel leading a fleet of colonists into the unknown. With a crew of over 100 individuals, players will need to work together – and against each other – to fulfill duties and objectives unique to their character.

The cast of the production will star J.G. Hertzler, best know for his role as “Martok” in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As a key member of the Outbound Hope crew, Hertzler will play the role of Admiral Peter Kohler, the leader of the space exhibition.

As a blockbuster-style live-action event, the registration price is all-inclusive. 

Player registrants receive a unique and tailored character, meals, drinks, and snacks throughout the weekend, and onboard lodging for Friday and Saturday nights. 

Any necessary props and – for some characters – weapons necessary to a character will also be provided. For military characters, registration also includes an appropriate uniform. Civilian characters will be welcome to design their own custom costumes – a feature reflected in lower registration costs. 

Following enlistment, each participant will receive an online survey based on their registration preferences. 

The information from this will allow the dedicated story team to pair each player with an appropriate character whose background will provide the foundation of the individual the player will portray throughout the experience. 

Characters vary wildly, from loyal officers and cerebral scientists to cocky pilots and hardy marines. While the backstory provided to a player will lay the groundwork, it will be up to the player to develop the character and achieve his or her goals throughout the event. 

With a crew of over 100 individuals, players will need to work together – and against each other – to fulfill duties and objectives unique to their characters. 

With two weekend events in November, there are plenty of opportunities for exciting experiences among the stars. 

What adventures await in the unknown? 

Season I proved so popular that tickets are already on sale for Season II.

November 6-8 and November 13-15, 2020

USS Edson – Bay City, MI