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Black Friday Is Gold

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Black Friday Is Really Gold 

#4 Tips To Benefit from Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is really gold. According to Spendmenot 30% of the the entire year's retail sales occur between Black Friday & Christmas.

Combine this with many places finally opening up after lock-down then many SMEs are in for a busy period towards the end of 2021.

The good news is that Battlefield Businesses can benefit from this.

black friday sales

Tip #1 Prepare Early

Just like the Scouts motto: "Be Prepared!" It pays to prepare early.

Quick as look at you, Black Friday and the silly season will be here.

The world has changed from a "just in time" model to a "just in case" one. So get planning on how the Black Friday sales can benefit your Battlefield Business.

Tip #2 Bundle

With many margins stretch thin, and a backlog of expenses Battlefield Businesses may not want to offer a straight sales discount. Instead build value into your offer by bundling.

Also know as a 'sales stack' operators can package up extras to build value.

As well as basic tickets, Operators might want to add in camo rental or scrim net. Or some other party favor.

Promote gift cards to be used through 2022.

Tip #3 Social Media

Schedule your social media posts from now till the end of the year.

Go back over your last few years posts around this time of year and see what garnered good engagement. Then you can recycle these posts agian.

Publish a variety of video, graphics, and status updates to get the best results.

Aim to post once per week, if not once per day. If you cannot manage that, at least do one post per month. That way people who browse your social channels know that you are still open.

Start with the easy posts first, like wishing your players a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. Then filling in around them with ideas like:
  • *gamer of the week
  • how to win
  • mission of the month
  • quotes
  • your business's birthday
  • player testimonials
  • Throw Back Thursday
  • Crew member spotlight
  • Ask a question
  • Take a poll e.g. which is your favorite gaming gun model? Which do you prefer telescopic or red dot scope?
  • Promote another local, complementary business. Such as a cake maker or party decor shop

If you run out of ideas, just good "what to post on social media"! :-)
Oh, and don't forget to include #hashtags on your posts.

Tip #4 Website - Title Tag & Chat

Review your website to ensure that your content is up to date.

Check your meta tags, particularly your title tag is right on target.

Ideally your title will up to 60 characters. You'll want these words to be succinct and clearly describe what's on each page.

Avoid default titles like "HOME" or "PAGE-1".

If you've used dates in your titles. Make sure you've updated your old 2019 or 2020 dates with the current 2021 ones.

If you haven't already, your website needs to be mobile friendly.

And even if you cannot book tickets online, include a chat bot on your site. Use something like the free app Tawk.to, that way your people can leave a message out of hours or chat with you online.

Bottom Line - Leverage Black Friday Sale For Your Business

Everyone loves a bargain, especially from Thanksgiving tracking towards Christmas.

Online shopping has grown during the pandemic and it's not going away.

Our shopping habits might have changed a bit, but Black Friday sales are here to stay.

Black Friday and holiday shopping are crucial for your Battlefield Business, so it pays to start preparing early.

Summing up, Black Friday can be gold for Battlefield Businesses.

And remember, it's more than just about discounts, use bundles to offer value for your customers.

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