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Battlefield Sports Wins Patent Battle


Battlefield Sports Wins Another Round in Patent Battle

patented laser tag equipment Battlefield Sports scored a victory as IP Australia upholds a patent that protects the SATR system.

This means the gamer experience that Battlefield Sports delivers is unique.

This patented technology has transformed gameplay – gamers know when they’ve got their opposition via sound effects and light effects in any terrain without the need for central computer system.

Experience has shown that repeat business has been much greater with the new patented SATR system versus older systems.

A Victory for Battlefield Sports

Battlefield Sports has been successful in a legal battle when a Senior Examiner upheld the validity of its Australian patent.

A group, who previously worked for Battlefield Sports, asked IP Australia to "re-examine" the patent which protects the renowned real-time hit-feedback in any terrain using Battlefield Sports' innovative peer-to-peer software.

This third party initially asked IP Australia to "re-examine" the patent in May 2013. This request failed. The reexamination was finalized in Battlefield Sports favor in August 2013. After an advertising period, the cycle was completed in February 2014.

This third party then tried again in August 2014 and asked for a second "re-examination". This time the result was very quick. This request also failed. The reexamination was finalized in Battlefield Sports favor in September 2014.

This close examination of the patent has indeed strengthened our resolve and has confirmed that the SATR patent is resilient.

Battlefield Sports submitted its patent application, originally, back in December 2006.

The patent application number is 2007335257.

The patent has also been approved in New Zealand, in the USA, and in the EU/UK.

Innovation is Battlefield Sports’ Lifeblood

The team at Battlefield Sports started their innovations in the Laser Tag industry in 1999. The team continues to innovate and bring new products to the market.

Battlefield Sports has recently announced more and more innovative features, in SATR such as:

  • system integrated domination box
  • the mystery box, and other gamer perks
  • spawn-bot
  • expanded zombie games, and
  • many other features valuable for battlefield operators such as shoot to change indoor/outdoor mode and shoot to change the muzzle flash and hit light colors.