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Battlefield Sports Unveils New Battle Royale Genre

New Battle Royale Live Gaming Genre Unveiled 

battle royale live gaming mapBattlefield Sports unveiled details about its new SATR3.5 live gaming engine at the Innovation Summit in London last month.

The new software version supports a brand new live gaming genre "Battlefield Royale LIVE" (shorted to Royale LIVE).

Inspired by the popular video games like Fortnite and PUBG this is not just a new mission, it is a comprehensive live gaming genre.

The Battle Royale genre is dominant in gaming right now.

According to Extreme Tech China's new PUBG alternative earned $14m in its first 3 days of operation. “Fortnite” from Epic Games made $US2.4 billion in 2018, according to Nielsen’s SuperData.

Like all of Battlefield Sports' live gaming systems this new genre can be played both indoors or outdoors, in a fixed venue or as a mobile operation.


This is a whole new genre that completely revolutionizes some of SATR's underlying gaming engine / game system rules employed in all other genres.  

This genre therefore does not mix well with the other genres. ROYALE LIVE is a much closer duplication of games like Fortnite in how the game system works. Operators don’t need to run a Battle Royale mission type with this genre, although a Battle Royale box is definitely one of the options. Like all genres it has its own selection of weapons.   

One of the key elements of this genre is the need to collect supplies during the game from across the battlefield.

Supplies come in 3 types:
  • Weapons
  • Aids
  • Ammunition
These supplies come from a new device role “Supply Crate” that can only be found in the Royale Live. The supply crate is refreshed every 15 seconds and will provide one weapon, one aid and one type of ammunition.  Gamers only need to get next to the supply crate as upgrades are done by both infrared and “melee” range digital radio.    If the “Auto Emit” option is yes, gamers don’t need to touch any buttons to receive upgrades.

RARITY - New Feature in this New Battle Royale Genre 

Rarity of supplies is an important new feature in this genre.
LLegendary 4%5

The rarity level dictates how frequently supplies appear in the crate. 

For aids for example, Bandages are the most common. Also the same weapon with a high rarity is slightly better in all cases.    


supply crate - battle royale LIVEHit points default to 100.

Shield points start at 0 but can using aids be boosted to 100.

Shields points act like additional hit points and shield damage is taken first. A hit on a shield will play the ricochet sound effect rather than the near miss sound effect.


Each weapon is ranked. A legendary RPG is the highest ranked weapon due to its long range, 70 points of burning damage and quite a large area of effect for splash damage. Gamers as they collect weapons add them to a slot automatically. In this genre, slots 1 to 4 are reserved for weapon emulations, slots 5 to 8 are reserved for aids.

Gamers can like normal in SATR 3 scroll through their current slots by holding down the mode button and releasing when the weapon or aid is found to make that one current. However in practice we needed to automate the process somewhat based on the weapon ranking due to the fast paced nature of Battlefield LIVE gaming.

If a new weapon is received from a supply crate or the players can access ammunition, automatic slot management is triggered. Slot management will search for the highest ranked weapon with ammunition and make that one current.   So a gamer starts with a common pistol and collects an assault rifle from a crate for example, the assault rifle automatically becomes the current weapon as it is higher ranked.

If all 4 slots are full already and a new weapon is collected, the lowest ranked weapon is replaced.     

A new weapon always comes with ammunition. If a new weapon is collected and a higher ranked weapon of the same class is already held, the higher ranked weapon is retained but the ammunition is added to the ammunition pool.
Note the Royale Live weapons do a lot more damage than other genres and therefore should not be used with other genres.


The new Battle Royale genre supports an ammunition pool concept. 
Light roundCommon120
Medium roundUncommon90
Heavy RoundRare75
Rocket Epic 2

Yes, there are rockets! 

The rounds are the number found in a Supply Crate and if taken added to the ammunition pool for the gamer. 

Each type of ammunition has its own pool.

For weapons, the pool of reloads are based on ammunition type is stored.  When a weapon is reloaded, then an entire magazine size number of rounds is removed from that ammunition type pool. If there are insufficient rounds for a full magazine, a partial magazine will be loaded.

For example, an Assault Rifle has a 30 round magazine.  The pool of spare medium rounds is currently 50. On a reload, 30 rounds are taken from the pool, reducing the pool to 20. If the Assault Rifle is reloaded again, the new magazine will only have 20 rounds in it and the pool will now be empty. Note, the gamer must expend the entire magazine of the first reload, otherwise, those medium rounds go straight into the pool again. 

The current ammunition in each pool can be viewed by the gamer by holding down the mode and reload button at the same time.


The SATR3 live gaming system supports the concept of "slots". So the first and second slots will be filled with weapon emulations. For example with a rifle and a side up. With the new Battle Royale genre games can also get aids in their sub-slots.

The system supports up to 4 slots for weapons and  4 slots for aids.

There is a maximum of 8 slots. 
6Med Kit Uncommon101001000No1
7Shield BoostRare40n/a52Yes1
8Boost JuiceEpic 306010060Yes1

Yes there is a Boost Juice. 

Each time a gamer receives an aid from a supply crate or takes damage, automatic aid management is checked.   
A med kit will automatically be expended if the gamer is 30 hit points or below.  An aid can be applied to maximum affect. Bandages are checked first and if the current hit points are 44 (60 max hit points for Bandages less 16 points of healing) or less, then Bandages are applied and the gamer cannot shoot for 4 seconds. 

If Bandages are not applicable either because the gamer has no bandages or their current health is too high, the Med Kit is check.   A Med Kit will only automatically enable if the gamers current hit points are below 30. A Med Kit will heal a gamer back to the maximum 100 hit points over a 10 second period.

A shield power up is automatically activated when the gamer has either a Shield Boost or has Boost Juice and the shield is currently below 30.   Shield Boost is checked first.

Gamers can manually trigger an aid by scrolling to the aid by holding down the mode button and then releasing when the aid is found followed by a trigger pull.   

An aid will not function and will not be used if it cannot provide any benefit to the gamer.

NEW Royale Live Weapons

In this Genre, reloads is the number of spare magazines they get when they first collect this weapon from a Supply Crate. It is expected gamers will need to go to Supply Crates quite often to collect more ammunition which must be of the suitable type.


RankingWeaponRarityMag CapFire ModeRecoilROFRangeReloadTimeJamDamageAmmoFlash SupArea of Effect

battle royale live game badgeCHARACTERISTICS EXPLANATION 

R Ranking of a weapons strength.  1 is the best weapon.   Higher ranked weapons take priority in the gamers slots.   The highest ranked weapon with ammunition, the gamer has will always be in slot 1. 
RARITY How frequently this weapon appears in a Supply Crate. 
MAGAZINE CAPACITY The number of shots fired before reload is required.   A reload will take a complete magazine from the appropriate ammunition pool, unless the ammunition pool has less ammunition than the magazine capacity
FIRE MODES FA Fully Automatic,  SA Semi-Automatic AL – Autoloading semi-automatic pistol, RV – Revolver.
RECOIL A measure of how long the red dot is powered down after each shot.    The higher the value, the longer the recoil time.
ROF Cyclic rate of fire measured as shots fired per second without regard to reload time.
RANGE Infrared power when fired through main IR emitter.   
RELOADS When this weapon is selected from a Supply Crate, this is how many magazines worth of additional ammunition of the appropriate ammunition type is added to the ammunition pool.
RELOAD TIME Times in seconds to reload this weapon.
JAM RATE If jamming is enabled, the percentage change of any shot jamming.
WEAPON DAMAGE Amount of Damage and the damage type.    P is for piercing damage B is for Burning, S is for Slashing
AMMUNITION TYPE The type of ammunition required for this weapon.   Each ammunition type has a pool of ammunition that is shared between all weapons that use the same ammunition.
FLASH SUPP. Muzzle Flash Suppressed.  If this is true, this weapon has no muzzle flash.
AREA OF EFFECT If the weapon has an area of effect property then when it hits an opposition gamer it does splash damage to other opposition gamers in the same area.    Close means Close Area Effect which send a -20dB strength splash damage packet.   Normal means a splash damage packet with the higher -15dB strength.


In a more non tactical environment, especially with the Battlefield TAG genre, they players tell the teams by colour, especially as it is indoors and dark. So there is red team versus blue team. In SATR3.5 operators can switch the way the head sensors LEDs work, so that when the gamers are alive, the LEDs are on and when they are “deactivated”, they are off. The colour of the LED depends on the hit light setting. If a “Blue Phaser” reset is used for example, the phaser will be on blue team and show a blue LED while the player is alive.


For existing customers with SATR3 series Operators can load their boards with the new code and then rerun SATRInit, followed by setting the SATR Unit IDs so each device has a unique ID without loading any new files onto the SD card. Contact your local consultant on how to upgrade.

For the gamers on the battlefield to get the full game play immersion of the new genre (for them to understand what is happening without looking at the screen) it is best to have the new voice overs included. Operators would ideally order a new SD Card which has the new sound effects with the new folder structure. The new software version will run without a new SD card and it is quite possible to play that way, but the gamers will need to view the LCD to understand what is happening during the mission.

In Conclusion - New Royale LIVE

The new Royale LIVE genre is exciting. Within this genre you can play the specific Battle Royale Game, check out the run sheet on how to run this game.

It has new features that makes you can create new and thrilling missions for your players.

For more specific lists of the weapon emulations refer to the User Guide.