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Battlefield Sports' RF Functionality

Battlefield Sports RF Technology

Battlefield Sports patented laser tag system, SATR (Small Arms Transmitter Receiver) uses digital radio to enable its real-time hit-feedback functionality.

The Battlefield Sports' radio frequency is on the 433 MHz band. Each gaming gun has its own radio antenna (housed either internally or externally depending on the model) which emits a signal on the 433Mhz band.

This band is license free and is perfect for low power hand-held devices such as our laser tag equipment.

This low-power transceiver is very reliable (we’ve used it a long time).

radio feedbackWith this real-time peer to peer radio feedback system comes real-time game statistics.

These stats are displayed on each gaming gun and include the number of hits made, number of kills, accuracy percentage, and number of respawns.

This real-time hit feedback is the core of the live gaming experience.

The gamer knows when they've got an opponent with special Sound Effects.

The device is very friendly to other RF devices (like Two Way Radios).

Radio systems near the 433mhz band should be avoided when SATR is being used in the same vicinity. SATR is radio frequency is passive to other devices. For example, if the channel is busy, it will not transmit and therefore the radio functions including hit feedback will pause, for a split-second.

This is a really important safety feature.

Infrared functions like shooting will continue to work without the hit feedback. So this means the game-play is not interrupted.

Because of its RF functionality the SATR system can also pause and resume all units at once.