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Battlefield Operator Takes Entertainment To The Next Level

Battlefield Operator Takes Gaming Entertainment To The Next Level 

Tennessee local, Dustin Wyrick has just opened a new live gaming entertianment center following a transformation of a 40,000 square foot building.

Next Level Knoxville offers live gaming using Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment, an e-sports lounge, and archery tag. 

The Next Level team plan to host FORTNITE and Call of Duty tournaments - both the virtual and live versions! 

dustin from knoxville

As reported by Knox News, Dustin believes that “Flexibility is the key,” for his business.

“Each gun is made to emulate its (real life) gun … if it’s a small gun it’ll have a shorter range and reload time,” Dustin said.

Next Level will have laser tag guns that replicate real world and sci-fi weapons. 

Unlike other laser tag companies, each gaming gun has different characteristics with different levels of ammunition (you have to reload) and can inflict differing amounts of damage.

Also unlike other laser tag games, the gun keeps track of the user’s “health” and once the user has been hit a number of times, their game expires.

“That’s what makes us a lot different than everybody else because it’s more of a real life video game than anything else,” he continued.

"It's a lot like (the video game) 'Fortnite': Your game may last five minutes or it may last 20 minutes," he said. 

"It all depends on what's going on in there."

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IMAGE SOURCE: Pictured Dustin with a Scorpion: Photo: Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel