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Battlefield LIVE Pembs Honored With New Tourism Accolades

Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire Honored with new Tourism Award

battlefield live pembsBattlefield Live Pembrokeshire was nominated for a tourism award recently, namely, Best Pembrokeshire Experience/Day Out. 

More than 50 businesses nominated but only 4 businesses were named as finalists.

Battlefield LIVE Pembs won their first award with Pembrokeshire Tourism within 4 months of opening back in 2009 as Most Exciting New Business.

"We were very proud to be a finalist in Best Pembrokeshire Experience/Day Out eight years later," said Toria Dean, Battlefield Operator.

"We are still family run. As we live in an area where tourism is the only industry, our prime time for operation is weekends and holidays and both our sons work within the business during these times. We also employ our 2 nephews and in the Summer holidays we take on a couple of students."

"In the Summer holidays we have a lot of return customers when they are holidaying here.  There is one Australian family who come to Pembrokeshire every couple of years and they make sure they book with us beforehand as they consider Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire a highlight of their holiday."

"This Summer we had 64 international cadets visit us and feedback was that their trip to Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire was the activity they most enjoyed out of everything they did."

"As we are family run, we are passionate about our business and continue to strive to give our customers the best experience possible and to ensure they leave with smiles on their faces."

"Battlefield Live is a way of life for us and not something we forget about once the day is done and the office doors are shut. In fact more often than not we come up with our best new ideas around the diner table!"

Congratulations Toria and the team at Battlefield LIVE Pembs.